Anti-Zionism takes a step back in the West Bank

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has been escalating in the final months of 2014. An article published in the New York Times stated that Israel’s internal security agency, the Shin Bet, has allegedly intercepted a plot to organize a military force in the West Bank. The Shin Bet has connected this plot to be a project authorized by Hamas, an Islamic political organization which has combined with the Palestinian Authority in a unity government. The Shin Bet reported that this military infrastructure was designed to propagate civil attacks on the West Bank against the Israeli forces which have been occupying the region. These attacks would perpetuate a response from the government of Israel, generating a political situation which would destabilize the Palestinian Authority and allow Hamas to seize greater political power.

Despite of these allegations, there is no clear evidence that Hamas was directly linked to the network that the Shin Bet had exposed. The Shin Bet asserts that a Selah al-Arouri, a Hamas commander, was dictating the failed subversive activity, provoking no response from either the Palestinian Authority or Hamas.

The West Bank continues to endure the repercussions of the power struggle between the Palestinian government and neighbouring Israel. The problem began with Israel’s persistence to extend its borders according to the concept of Territorial Zionism which believed that the state of Israel had a divine right to the land that was promised to the biblical character of Abraham. In Jewish mythology, Abraham is praised for his dedication to God, which was rewarded by a promise to the land of Canaan to Abraham’s descendants. Hamas was developed as a political organization with anti-Zionist motives, seeking to liberate Palestine from Israeli occupation.

It is no secret that the target of Hamas is against the Israeli forces in the West Bank, but the Hamas charter implies a disturbing reality in their mentality. This charter is very anti-Semitic in nature, calling for the destruction of Israel, and the open extermination of the Jewish community. Israel has been put on the defense, combating no only the terrorist activity, but also the political success of Hamas. The article emphasizes that Hamas has been accused of several terrorist attacks on Israeli officials and civilians, hoping to reveal the corruption of the Hamas mentality. I see this as a smart move to dissipate the momentum that these attacks have been generating.

Israel’s approach to deescalate the situation is proposing that Israel is acting only in defense against Hamas. Since Hamas has yet to deny the allegations presented by the Shin Bet, I am inclined to say that it is likely that Hamas was involve in some capacity to the suggested development of military infrastructure. If Israel can maintain this level of national security, Hamas will be unable to attain the political imbalance that it was pursuing.

There are so many factors involved with how the future of this conflict will evolve. Politics aside, I must agree with the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on the simple fact that the Shin Bet had prevented more civilian casualties, for the moment.




Anti-Zionism loses traction in the West Bank. The Palestinian Authority rests secure. #349


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