Anti-Semitism On The Rise Globally

Last spring, in reaction to a report that anti-Semitism and holocaust-denial were increasing globally, the U.S. State Department created a special committee to help supervise and control anti-Semitic attacks. While anti-Semitic flare-ups can occur in any country at any time, even in the U.S. and Canada, some countries are known for their anti-Semitic views, and even have policies of anti-Semitism.

In 2012 the report on religious freedoms stated even though we are into the 21st century, anti-Semitic views are still common around the world and that Jews are still discriminated against in the media through the use of disrespectful cartoons, ignorant conspiracy theories, and the blood-libel myth. It also stated that outbreaks of anti-Semitism generally coincide with political leaders expressing anti-Semitic opinions. Often such opinions create a snowball effect whereby other leaders echo such opinions, and their followers invariably engage in anti-Semitic acts of violence. The areas of greatest concern with regards to anti-Semitic rhetoric are in Iran, Egypt, and Venezuela.

For example, in Venezuela the media, which is controlled by the government, posted several anti-Semitic views when Henrique Capriles was running as a presidential candidate. Egypt regularly broadcasts anti-Semitic views in its media using topics such as holocaust glorification and denial. On October 19th, 2012 the Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi was caught condoning anti-Semitic views when a religious leader said “Oh Allah, destroy the Jews and their supporters” and Morsi replied “amen.” The Iranian government continuously belittles Judaism and calls for the destruction of Israel. It is also involved in terrorism against the Jewish state.

John Kerry, the U.S. Secretary of State, while at a news conference responded to reports of increased anti-Semitism by stating that “religious freedom is a basic human right” and that “in too many places governments are failing to protect the minorities from social discrimination and violence.” The national director of the Anti-Defamation League stated that the U.S. is taking the rise in anti-Semitism very seriously and that the U.S. will “urge foreign governments to take action against anti-Semitism.”

It is quite shocking that nearly seventy years after the holocaust this hateful discrimination is still part of everyday life in so many countries. Political leaders continue to voice hateful opinions towards the Jewish people and incite violence against Jews globally. That such hatred and discrimination is still occurring is disheartening to say the least. The Jewish people have already endured tremendous suffering, and if history has taught us anything it is to take hateful rhetoric and discrimination seriously. To sit idly by is not an option we should be willing to live with.

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‘Anti-Semitism Reports Increase, State Department Says’ –


One thought on “Anti-Semitism On The Rise Globally

  1. This is a very thoughtful article; you make some very excellent points in regards to anti-Semitism. The fact that a council has ben created in order to monitor the rise of anti-Semitism, although I’m sure helpful, incites fear in many that this dangerous belief system is rising up once again. A months ago Russia proposed a letter to world leaders at a United Nations conference, asking leaders to put their efforts into combatting the rise of Anti-Semitism, and only three nations rejected this proposal (Ukraine, the United States, and Canada). It is clear from this vote than many nations are opposed to Anti-Semitism, and although the three nations that rejected that proposal must have good reasoning, there are still things to fear. For the Egyptian president though, as you have mentioned, to agree with a religious leader that Jewish followers should be eradicated, is also quite frightening. We have seen the results of leaders of nations who hold that same view; the outcome was, to say the least, very bad. With a leader who holds such strong opinions his views can quickly turn into a political religion, as it did in Nazi Germany. As you mentioned as well, the fact that in Venezuela the government was sharing anti-Semitic propaganda all over the media is also quite concerning. It seems as though this anti-Semitic thought will very likely turn into behavior if it is not prevented. Thankfully though, the world has probably learned its lesson in regards to this issue. I believe this fact is clear, based on the quick uproar across the world that has called out for action to stop anti-Semitism and the mistreatment of other minorities.

    – A.E. #349

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