Animal Rights Activists try to Interfere with Hindu Sacrifice

Animal Rights Activists try to Interfere with Hindu Sacrifice

The Gadhimai festival took place on Friday in Bariyarpur, India.  This is an annual festival that takes place as an act of gratitude to the Hindu goddess.  As an act of gratitude animal sacrifices are made including buffaloes, goats and birds.  The animal rights activists have been trying to ban this festival for years but have only been successful in reducing the number of animals that are sacrificed each year.  This festival is an annual tradition that many Hindus take seriously.  Rajesh Shah promised the goddess if he made good money in his business he would sacrifice a goat for her.  He explains that he has heard complaints about the festival but he promised the goddess so this is a promise he has to keep.  Despite efforts by animal rights activists the festival still occurred.

In class, we learned that sacrifice is a central part to Hindu tradition.  Is it right to take away this festival completely?  Animal rights activists would agree that this festival should be banned but I think it is important to understand where the people are coming from.  This is part of their tradition as a sacrifice to their goddess.  Although it does not make sense to us it provides a sense of meaning for Hindus.  If we completely take away their tradition what will happen to their culture?  I don’t agree with the slaughter of animals but I think if the number of animals is reduced it shouldn’t be a problem.  Thousands of animals are slaughtered daily for consumers to eat so why is this festival such a huge problem?




One thought on “Animal Rights Activists try to Interfere with Hindu Sacrifice

  1. Animal Rights Activists try to Interfere with Hindu Sacrifice
    After reading this article and hearing about the Gadhimai festival I was utterly shocked and disgusted. The Gadhimaj festival is a month-long festival that is held once every 5 years as part of Hindu tradition. The event includes sacrificing thousands of animals including water buffaloes, pigs, goats, chickens, rats, and pigeons. The goal of the festival is to please the goddess of power, Gadhimai. I do respect the right for people to be able to choose any tradition they like and believe in whatever god or gods they choose to believe in. However, when the practice of their religion harms people, animals, or society I can not approve in its practices. I believe that the practice of this tradition should be outlawed all around the world.

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