Six New Saints

Six New Saints
From the Huffington Post article “Pope Francis Canonizes Six New Saints” (

In Vatican City, Pope Francis will be canonising six new saints. The canonisation of four Italians and a priest and a nun from Kerala (India) will provide “examples of service to ‘the smallest and the poorest’”.

The canonisation of these holy people are noted for dedicating their lives “to serving the least and assisting the destitute, sick, elderly, and pilgrims” in their regions.

Specifically, Eufrasia Eluvathingal and Kuriakose Eli as Chavara, the two canonised saints from India, represent the Catholic Church in the global south. They represent the vivacious culture and practice of Catholic Indians, who are presently engaged with the importance of having representatives of their region in the canon.

The canonisation of these two saints specifically invites a question towards how the canon should be developed. Should the canon of saints be more representative of the regions where Catholic holy people have been active? Should the canon reflect the differences in the Church’s people?

Personally, I believe that this is a modern invitation to create a reflective image of the diverse people in the Catholic faith. There are many who could represent the regions of the worldview. And in adding these individuals to the canon, it could provide an interest by those who feel othered by the extremely Eurocentric faith structure. Hopefully, this is a way to invite more participation and promotion of individuals outside of traditional canon picks.


*All quotations are from the article above.


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