Improved Muslim and Jewish Relations

Improved Muslim and Jewish Relations

It is known to nearly everyone that Muslim and Jewish relations have been rocky in the past and are still unstable to this day. If you take the Israel and Palestine feud for example, it is evident that the relations between the two religious groups have plenty of tension. However, according to this article, people are beginning to make moves in improving the affiliation between the religions.

A program in the United States has been created to improve the relationship between the two faiths. The program strives to build a healthy rapport between the two faiths. Muslims and Jews actually have many similar ideologies and beliefs. In the Quran it states “O humanity! We created you from a single male and female, and made you into tribes and nations, that you might know one another.” A holy writing for Jewish people also follows a comparable line “Thus was humanity made from a single being … to promote peace among God’s creatures, that no one may say, my ancestor was greater than yours.”

The goal of the program is to improve the relationship between Muslim people and Jewish people. By advancing the connection between the two faiths hopefully it will cause a trend in the Middle East to start recuperating relations between Muslim people and Jewish people. If this international phenomenon can catch on, it would prevent all the catastrophic affects of war and peace would be restored in the Middle East.

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