Creationism Versus Evolution?

Creationism Versus Evolution?

A recent article published in the Globe and Mail features scientist, Bill Nye denouncing creationism in favor of evolution. A Gallup pole presented a shocking statistic showing that 42 percent of Americans believe that a god created the universe and the human race. In Nye’s newly published book, Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation, he supports the idea that the denial of science and evolution will not change the inevitable fate of our planet and human race. This article proves very interesting. The statistic of creationists in the United States seems extremely high and largely misrepresented. There is no background to suggest the essence of the statistics; how many people were surveyed and of which of those were represented. Besides the questionable information provided, the notion that people, particularly in the United States, still believe in a creator god is quite alarming. Nye argues that innate fear of death among human beings is the primary reason for this belief in a creator. I must say this argument is a bit suggestive and narrowly gazed upon, however I will argue in favor of creationism as whole is very irrational. A multitude of studies have been conducted throughout scientific history in regards to evolution. Although evolution is still a theory, it is a theory due to the fact that it takes hundreds, even thousands of years for elements of our planet to evolve. That does not discount the factual evidence that things do evolve. In my opinion the idea of creationism is completely illogical and irrational. This apparent god cannot be studied or processed. It cannot be proved or disproved nor can it be observed and recorded. The place that this god seemingly exists is in our psyche and belief system. Evolution and factual change is a process. One that can be observed and recorded over extended periods of time by a multitude of different scientists. The second argument I will make is in regards to the evolution of changing religious ideologies. If you compare the religious beliefs of Christians, for example, from the dark ages to the present, you will see the contrast in beliefs. Modernity within Christianity proves that most devotees use the bible as a metaphor of life rather than a direct view of the universe and human race. It seems as though as science progresses and proves more about our eternally changing planet, religious tolerance remains steady but belief in a creator deity declines. With all this information it seems Ludacris to still believe in a creator god. Whether or not one choses to believe in scientific fact, the constant evolution of our planet will continue. Believing in you cannot see or measure is just that, a belief. Believing measurable and observation is factual and the essence of reality. In support of the article surround Nye’s view on religion and evolution, I too believe that supporting creationism will not somehow stop the inevitable. Its better to understand the natural progression and essence in that of which you are and will later become, rather than believing in a fleeting, unproven thought.


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