Mother Upset Over School Assignment About Islam

Mother Upset Over School Assignment About Islam

Wanting your daughter to follow the Christian God that she grew up with and not be promoting another religion is freedom of rights. However, this Mother from Michigan took her daughters assignment very literally and took offence to it. Her daughter was asked to make a pamphlet that a third grader could read to learn about Islam, but it was not going to be handed out to the third graders. The pamphlet was essentially worshiping another God and Jennette Hall did not agree that her daughter should have to write that another God is beautiful. Jennette the Mother argued that this assignment was not factual as it should be and that it was aimed to promote Islam.

It is my belief that everyone should have the freedom to believe in his or her own God and worship whomever they wish. Jennette took the situation too far and spoke very quickly before looking into details. It is a good thing that the schools are teaching different religions and showing students a worldview. The school assignment should have been more on a factual basis, but it was not trying to convert anyone in any way. The study of religions is an integral part of society and it is a good thing that schools are becoming more diversified and allowing the students to be exposed to a plethora of different outlooks and religions. In such a diverse country if you want your child to be taught strictly Christianity then you should send them to a Christian school, but otherwise you should be respecting the fact that not everyone in the nation has the same belief.

I do not think it was the schools intention to single out any one religion. They were attempting to open the students’ minds about world religions through a creative assignment. The assignment was poorly written and wrongly deciphered by Jennette, but it is not wrong for children and teens to be exposed to religions that are present in our culture. The assignment was building tolerance and attempting to unite cultures. Religion however can be a sensitive subject and I understand Jenette’s concern for her daughter, but the aim of the assignment was not to convert or promote any one religion. It was to be used as a teaching method to display varying views present in our multicultural society. Learning about other religions would not change her daughter’s views on her Christian upbringing and the lessons were meant to be informative and objective. Maybe the aim of the assignment in saying that they wanted third graders to read it is to simplify the religions and have a vast surface knowledge of the topic. Jennette took the assignment very literally and jumped to conclusions before talking with the educators of the school. We are all citizens of the world and should have the opportunity to be educated on all religions and have an understanding so that we can all live together peacefully and full of understanding and respect.

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3 thoughts on “Mother Upset Over School Assignment About Islam

  1. Thank you for your post. I, along with you, think that this is an interesting and controversial subject. I tend to agree with you that the mother did take it quite too far but I do feel that it depends entirely on ones worldview whether on not the mother was being too extreme. I think we are very fortunate to have freedom of speech and religion and I also agree that it is probably a good thing for children in public schools to learn about other cultures and religions. I think it is important for children to experience and try to understand different cultures so this school project, to me, seems completely justified. If a child were to be completely kept “in the dark” about other religions then they would not be able to widen their worldview and gain a certain amount of required tolerance for others. However, I do agree that it can be a very controversial idea.

  2. The author of the mini-blog enlightened the audience with the clash of religion and worldviews, respectively. I agree with the author’s statements about the actions of the mother. I believe that in the world we live today, it is important for our young generations to realize and take note of the world religions surrounding us today. Teaching someone about a religion and converting them are two totally different realms. I also feel that the mother did not take the right steps into finding out the proper reasoning behind the assignment and jumped to conclusions. When it comes to religion, we all have our own worldviews. I feel that the reason the mother jumped to such a conclusion has a lot to do with what is going on in the Middle East. Islam is being depicted as a violent religion through the media due to the events such as ISIS. This just goes to show how much of an effect the media has on playing with our minds. Nonetheless, we cannot make this an excuse to isolate a certain religious body. This mini-blog does a good job in extrapolating the data within the article. The blog writer has invoked a heated discussion, while putting across his or her own worldview. I myself belong to the religion of Islam, but from what I can recall my parents would never stop me from getting to know other religions, just as long as it did not deter me from my path.


  3. Article Commented On: Mother Upset Over School Assignment About Islam
    I agree that everyone has the freedom to choose which religion they want to follow. Jennette did overreact about her daughter’s assignment however. I do not think the idea of the assignment was to promote Islam, I think it was just meant to educate the students on other religions. I agree with you that it was a teaching method used to display the varying views that is present in our multicultural society. I think that the school system should start educating students on various religions and worldviews at a younger age so that students are aware of the different religions and be aware of the fact that not everyone has the same beliefs that they do.


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