Entertainment Companies “Rip Off” Religious Texts

Entertainment Companies “Rip Off” Religious Texts


In the day and age that we live in where entertainment it is interesting to see how companies try to in my opinion ‘rip off’ religious texts in order to make a profit. According to various sources (on example: http://bit.ly/1vY8hqQ) it seems apparent that Christianity is the most practiced religion in the world. Since Christians consume the largest portion of this world’s population, so it would only be sensible for the marketing people of the world to target that specific group of consumers. As of late it seems that in the film/entertainment industry they have done just that. Major motion pictures such as The Passion of the Christ, Noah, and upcoming Exodus, all base their stories off of stories in the Bible. In an article (http://bit.ly/1zSAJaf), posted by the Christian Post, Christian viewers are starting to notice the increase in ‘faith-based entertainment’.
In the article actress Alexa PenaVega commented that perhaps individuals are desiring more of this type of Biblical entertainment for answers. I find this intriguing since Noah the movie, which is based off of the story of Noah which can be referenced in Genesis, contained non scriptural facts. A example, in the movie rock like creatures were portrayed as angels that had disobeyed god and fallen to earth. Without saying anymore, one can already see that this has no relevance or truth when comparing to the bible. So a major concern and issue I have is when companies such as the ones that make these movies warp the truth in order to make it more thrilling. If what actress Alexa PenVega said was true then these companies are teaching millions of people the wrong truth. This is a major concern to me. I have no problem with rock beings, but when the movie is supposed to be based off of a religious truth I find it very wrong to warp religions to make them more exciting.

Another comment was made by Chris Dowling, that films can draw in audiences and when you target the largest crowd. I think that this is very rue and there is a big market for that sort of entertainment, yet again when one tries to take advantage of that crowd and distort the truth it seems wrong. It was also stated in the article that this could be a good outreach for them. I believe that if that is their true intention that is a fantastic plan and opportunity. Today media and entertainment take such a huge part in first world countries, and to create a getaway where individuals can learn about the religion it is a fantastic plan. However as said before the one thing that they must do is keep the truth in the story. With upcoming Exodus it will be interesting to see if they hit the mark this time or if they yet again skew the biblical truth and teach viewers the wrong thing.

For humanity’s sake I would hope that film and entertainment companies keep the truth relevant when basing movies off of religious texts. It not only goes against our intuition to warp the truth of religions but also could offend and lead others that want to learn the truth away.


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    As our world revolves around the media and entertainment industries it makes sense that people seek truth from within the movies that are found of in our society. I agree with the author of this post that is is very concerning that these movies are creating false beliefs of various religions. There is no regulation or fact checking on movies meaning they can put whatever content in them that they want. It is a gross oversight of the entertainment industries to use religion and religious values to draw people in to seeing their film to earn a profit. For people that don’t know that these films are not based on truth can be learning from them and taking what they see at face value. I agree when they say that although it if fine for the industry to use whatever they want in film they need to ensure that what they are saying is based on religious text is actually accurate if they choose to display it as fact. I definitely agree that using these religious falsities in film can offend the different religious groups. A good example of this comes from the movie Noah. There was both praise and offence taken from this film adaptation of a biblical story. While some critics thought that it was a good film achieving its purpose of entertaining, other critics felt that it misrepresented the true story and was only produced for the purpose of the studio making money with no concern being payed to the actual religious facts. I really hope that something changes in regards to the allowing of any statement into a film where people take it as fact in the film industry.

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