A Continuing Problem (Gaza War)

A Continuing Problem

Based off the article “Israeli families scarred by Gaza war:” http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-29503439

Based off “Israeli families scarred by Gaza war;” http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-29503439

As Jewish worldviews are being discussed in class currently, I thought it suiting to write a blog relating to the Palestine and the most recent issues between Israel and Gaza; more specifically, the summer war. It is devastating to me to think that many years ago, a large portion of the Jewish community emigrated to the Palestine to pursue a more secluded, peaceful area where they could practice their religion and culture free from the remainder of the worlds prejudice; but it almost seems conflict is insistent on following them regardless of their location. The creation of a number of terrorist organizations has seemed to blossom over the years the Jewish people have settled in their new country, and one of which- the militant group Hamas based out of Gaza- has had a significant affect on many Palestinian and Israeli lives. Hamas was created in the late 1980’s as an offshoot of the Muslim brotherhood, which “under the groups charter… is committed to the destruction of Israel.” Personally, I think that it is unfair for this organization to exist, because as important as equal minority and political representation is, people of Jewish descent moved to the Palestine in hopes of establishing a country composed of like-minded citizens. Not only have the Hamas proven to be violent extremists, their charter “repeatedly makes attacks on Jews as a people, drawing the charges that the movement is Anti- Semitic.”

In essence, this organization completely destroys the purpose of the creation of this Jewish state. Most recently over the summer, citizens from Israel were under constant fear of violence, predominantly in the form of rocket attacks, from the Hamas. This organizations’ rocket launches had been subsiding until the killings of three Israeli teenagers in June, which caused an escalation in tensions. This was only furthered by their political leader admitting Hamas members had indeed carried them out, resulting in additional revenge killings between the two groups. And throughout this whole mess, Jewish people have once again had to endure continuous violence and religious intolerance throughout the countries that were supposed to provide a more peaceful recluse. The way that the Hamas chooses to approach its charter goals seems almost contradictory as well, because Israel would not be firing return rockets at Gaza had the Hamas not initiated conflict in the first place. This creates an endless circle of unnecessary violence, fuelled by not only religious intolerance, but defence and essentially, revenge. Due to Gaza’s small demographics and large population, the Hamas air strikes are almost proving to be more devastating to their own communities than Israels. Regardless of where Israel places retaliation missiles, it is more than likely that they will affect a civilian area filled with residences and schools. In conclusion, I think that the overall goal of the Hamas is not justifiable, and is only causing their own country more pain and wreckage than benefit.


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