Do. Or on not. There is no try.

Do. Or on not. There is no try.

In our modern western society it is difficult to say what truly defines a religion. Some people define religion as the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. I believe that this definition of religion is rather close-minded. I think that a religion should not necessarily have to be concentrated on worship of a superhuman controlling power. Since we live in an open-minded and free society I believe that people should be free to worship in whatever way they like, as long as it does not affect other people in a negative or harmful way. Some people think that classifying religion in such a broad way can lead to making a mockery of religion. This is demonstrated in the article

According to the article, there is a recognizable population of people who are such large Star Wars fans that they have taken it and created a new religion. These religious views began as a joke on a UK census that was sent out in 2001. An alarming 0.7% of people said that they were “Jedi” on the census. At first, people calling themselves Jedi were just atheists making a mockery of religion. But since then, “Jediism’s” popularity has grown and more and more people are choosing to “join the dark side”.

Since the birth of “Jediism” started as a joke, can we really classify it as a religion? Many people would be offended if “Jediism” was truly classified as a religion. Categorizing “jediism” in the same category as faiths such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam would cause massive uprisings in countries all over the world and could possibly even cause wars and acts of terrorism.

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2 thoughts on “Do. Or on not. There is no try.

  1. I don’t believe that Jediism should be considdered a religion, there is no spiritual belief and it’s more of a way-of-life. I also don’t think that the inclusion of Jediism as a religion would cause an uprising, the purpose behind Jediism is to live in peace, but I also don’t think it would become a serious religion in the first place!

  2. I enjoy your open-mindedness and different perspective on what would classify as a religion. You bring up some valid points in the definition of religion. Buddhism for example, does not focus on a super central being nor a controlling power, and is still a major religion. From my memory, Jediism seemed to be outlined rather thoroughly by George Lucas’ Star Wars films, and can therefore potentially be considered a more concrete source than the bible, due to its extensive, muddy history. Jediism can also be interpreted and adapted to modern human life, just as the Roman Catholic Church is now evolving to accept those classified as LGBT. You also point out your belief that a religion can be anything, so long as it does not hurt anyone, but the uprisings you would expect seem to be destructive. It is unfortunate that religions are occasionally intolerant to others, and I agree that some would be offended by its classification as a religion. The Flying Spaghetti Monster was created as a means for people to express their views on how people must respect their representation of beliefs, and is now a well known sect. Although controversial and may be intended to be offensive by adherents, the consequences were not extreme, and I would predict the same for Jediism.

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