What War on Religion?

What War on Religion?
The article starts with a pastor being killed in Illinois by a mob due to religious differences in July of 1844. The reason is unclear but the political party’s newspapers were also slandering Mormon religion. “This affords another and most melancholy illustration of the pernicious, demoralizing, brutalizing influence of the party presses,” Bennett wrote in response and states that they use slander to sway public opinion against their political opponents. Even a hundred and seventy years later the tirades and slandering of political parties are alive and well. The Americans are very aware of this due to the constant political commercials that inundate television near election time. Mitt Romney’s campaign used “Be Not Afraid” that was made famous by Pope John Paul 2nd during the cold war. There was also a advertisement that degrades president Obama for a “war on religion” that was caused from Obamas government order for insurance to provide contraception. A voiceover in the ad states “President Obama used his healthcare plan to declare war on religion, forcing religious institutions to go against their faith.”, which I personally believe is not a correct thing to believe or slander the government for giving services for other people in the country that may believe or want those services in a healthcare system. John L. Allen Jr. criticized the Catholic bishops for using the war on religion due to the implications of an attack against the religion, which is wrong in this case. The way it may be a war is only metaphorical and is in debates in courthouses or legislatures. There are actual literal wars against religion in today’s world. There are examples here that are actual religious based violence, “a white supremacist killed six Sikhs on the grounds of their own temple. On Monday, a mosque in Joplin, MO was destroyed by fire, which officials suspect was the work of arsonists. That same day, 19 Nigerians were shot and killed in a church, presumably by an Islamist group as part of the country’s ongoing religious conflict. These lives were undoubtedly under siege for their faith.”
Romney’s slander is not real violence towards religion it’s just political maneuvering to get more votes which I believe is not ethical. The insinuations that president Obama isn’t a real Christian is also maneuvering and slander which should not be allowed in the political system or in the media at all in my opinion. Obama has always increased awareness, yet the United States is also one of the most religiously diverse country on the planet and has always allowed huge amounts of religious freedoms and protection of various groups. The ways that Obamas mandate has been attacked brutally and without much actual evidence put forward. The political slandering and the maneuvering of groups that want to cause problems using religion to degrade people and organizations is morally wrong and can ruin entire reputations with something that is actually lies. Organizations using the terminology of “war on religion” is really heavy wording that says way more politically and creates more problems. The Nazi’s in World War 2 used the same sort of propaganda to perpetrate the prosecution of Jewish believers.


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