Word Associations Taken Too Far

Word Associations Taken Too Far

Original Article: http://bit.ly/1rtKo2Q

Word association is a quick way to tap into one’s subconscious mind by hearing one word and quickly stating a word that one would think associates with the word heard. When people start hearing, reading, or even observing events such as the tragic event that just occurred here in Canada word association takes a turn for the horrific. Religion is a sensitive topic to begin with so when articles are written and associated with certain themes readers unconsciously begin to associate a group of religious followers together.

Islam. Muslim. Terrorist. A simple Google search of Islam or Muslim comes up with multiple articles about acts of terrorism, and how this particular Religion is the breeding ground of terrorist, but does that mean that everyone that is Muslim should be group together?

Of course the answer is no, and yes this is a sensitive topic but with so many articles about the act that took place against Canada and the loose of life it should be talked about. Taking points from the article posted on Maclean by Martin Partiquin (written October 22nd, 2014) http://bit.ly/1rtKo2Q.

First we must actually be able to understand ones Religion if we want to place a certain label or judgment upon it. Islam is a simple Religion that is based off a 5-pillar belief. The Five Pillars of Islam are as stated: Shahada (testifying to God’s, monotheist religion), Salat (daily Prayers), Zakat (giving charity), Hajj (pilgrimage), and Sawm (fasting). Certain individuals have included a 6th pillar that involves one of violence to spread their God upon others.

Martin Partiquin the author of said article repeatedly stated how we cannot help individuals with their quest to destroy nations by themselves while latching on to any sort of belief that can be altered into a driven force.

Personal interpretations of the Islamic religion were taken to the extreme in very tragic recent events. When a recent convert to the Religion went on and took the twisted version of the beliefs in the Islamic religion and acted out by stalking and picking out his victims to prove his powers over Canada as a nation. Small, medium, or large acts against either an individual or on a global level that involves Religion automatically sends people grouping together a whole belief system and in this case Muslim became a belief of people that commit horrible acts. On the flip side of the coin we must look at the World as a whole and justify that the act of an individual must not reflect upon a large group of people.



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