“Terror to North”

“Terror to North”
This article speaks of the recent terror attack that took place in Ottawa on Oct 22 2014, which resulted in the death of a Canadian soldier. This attack also ended the life of the attacker himself who was a Quebec resident and had also recently converted to Islam. The article speaks about the Muslims in Kelowna who are speaking out about this recent attack, they are trying to reach out to Canadians to let them know that they are deeply saddened by this occurrence but it does not represent their beliefs whatsoever. In the article the interviewee, Mr. Butt, further states that he is not trying to defend his religion in this situation, because this is not what his religion is about and it is being misrepresented through the attackers action. Butt further goes on to say that this misinterpretation of Islam is a battle, which cannot be fought by defending wrongful actions, performed by other Muslims. He believes such actions do not represent the religion, and we should educate the public about Islam. He further states that true Canadian Muslims are law-abiding citizens who condemn against such actions that may cause harm to anyone innocent.
In this article we can see the conflict that is present with the interpreting of the religion between different people within a society. The society is reacting to the incident heavily based on the religion the individual belonged to, which is not fair but cannot be avoided by individuals due to anger, and so they blame the religion the attacker belonged to. Canada hasn’t faced any major attack of this type from extremists before on its soil, therefore we can also see that Muslims are taking a strong stand against this event to let the public know to not associate them with people who may not be representing their religion correctly.
This clearly affects the Muslim society, hence they have come to news media to find help to explain to the public that the root cause is not necessarily the religion, but instead the individual associated with the action. I believe that this article is well representing the majority of the Muslim community in Canada, as they might have to face questions about their religion by people in their communities regarding this recent attack. I believe a situation like this becomes very problematic for Muslims; the burden falls on them to differentiate themselves from extremists. It places them into a situation of ‘guilty until proven innocent’, which I also believe takes away their integrity and rights as a citizen for a short period of time during such attacks.


One thought on ““Terror to North”

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog post on this article, as it is about an issue that is of serious concern to Canadians in the past few weeks. I feel that the struggle that Muslims will have in society from now on will be quite the uphill battle, and that is very unfortunate for an entire group of people who have done nothing wrong as Canadians. To find an article of a Muslim man saying he is truly disgusted with these terrorist acts of one individual is a good tactic for the Muslim community; they need to show (however hard it may be) that their religion isn’t responsible for the attack of Nathan Cirillo. Your statement that Muslim Canadians will be “guilty until proven innocent” is a very accurate description for the current times, and I wholeheartedly agree that it takes away the integrity of a whole population in our society. Your blog post does a great job at advocating that the believers of Muslim religion is not what should be associated with the terrorist action; it’s the individual person who should.

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