Pope Francis Blast Supermax Prison as “Torture”

Pope Francis Blast Supermax Prison as “Torture”

URL: http://wapo.st/1wnxcBd

On Thursday October 23, Pope Francis said to the public that keeping inmates isolated in maximum security prisons is “a form of torture” and called life sentences “a hidden death penalty” that should be abolished along with capital punishment. Pope Francis noted the Vatican recently eliminated life imprisonment from its own penal code, though that move was largely symbolic. Many Christians and people of good will have come to terms of struggle on thinking if this statement was ethical or not. They do agree that the prison conditions should be improved, and have more advantages. Francis denounced practices that are widespread in many regions of the world, such as extrajudicial executions and detentions without trial, which he said account for more than half of all detentions in some countries. Francis also denounced corruption in penal systems and called it “an evil greater than sin”.
In addition to this Pope Francis said that isolation also known as “supermax” which is a form of torture to criminals. He believes it can lead them to serious risks such as depression, anxiety, paranoia, weight loss and a very high chance of suicide. Francis believes instead of focusing on capital punishment we should focus more on the economic and social inclusion for the inmates. Many people have seen this as a controversy because people who are in maximum security is not seen as form of torture, these people are far from criminals, these people are monsters. But many people agree that this is inhumane to keep people locked up with absolutely nothing for the rest of our lives.
It is inevitable that maximum security and capital punishment are part of our society. Being that humans are the way they are its in our nature. I am Catholic, and I do believe all people are good in one way or another, but to be locked up in maximum security you must have done something severely inhumane. On another note I do believe that capital punishment is wrong, I think someone who has murdered or committed a serious crime should stay in prison/maximum security for the rest of their lives and rot, and think about all the mistakes they have done. This has started a lot of talk in the media, since the public Christian figure: Pope Francis released this statement. Us as humans, have the desire to have freedom, free will, live the lives we want, but by doing something inhumane, and not getting punished as a result, the world would be in chaos.




2 thoughts on “Pope Francis Blast Supermax Prison as “Torture”

  1. In regards to the news article, I can’t help, but to express my enthusiasm in how the role of religion has the potential of playing a positive factor in many political realms. What Pope Francis is suggesting is nothing short of compassion, empathy, and love, which are portrayed by almost every religion and their manifestations. If everyone especially our political leaders could think in a manner similar to the Pope the world would be in a fast progression to bettering itself. A major part of our justice system tends to contradict itself with being an unjust system. Such institutions include the government, policing, and in this case prisonization. Prisons are nothing, but the slow deterioration of the human mind. Many crimes are committed by criminals whom a great number of suffer from mental illness therefore it is a not a matter of how much time they will need to spend to be reintegrated back into society, but rather a method of restorative justice must be implemented. Prison should be an institution of rehabilitation in order to better the people in it. As of now, to myself, prisons are seen as a way to keep the people outside of them happier while ‘warehousing’ those who need help. I do agree with you to a certain extent with more severe crimes being punished harsher, but to allow human beings to be left to ‘rot’ seems a bit too provocative especially coming from a catholic like yourself to say the least. We must follow the example of the Pope if we wish to see any change in our justice system.

    Naim B.

  2. Pope Francis Blast Supermax Prison as “Torture”
    Although the ideas of life imprisonment are controversial, the question is would you want those that are imprisoned for life living in your neighborhood or locked away for the crimes they have committed and not in the public domain. The increase in comforts for “the scum of society” is redundant and why would the society allow them better than the most minimal or welfare state that many in our society live in almost the same conditions without help or acknowledgement from most of the population, why should they have anything better than a homeless individual. I personally believe they should be sentenced by the individuals they have harmed or their families, I doubt that many would be given life imprisonment by the families they have harmed, in today’s world they have a bed, food, and warm environment to contemplate what they have done.

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