Pope Francis: Attempting to Open the Catholic Churches Arms to the LGBT Community

Pope Francis: Attempting to Open the Catholic Churches Arms to the LGBT Community

Unlike the 99% of the last Catholic Popes, Pope Francis has been noticeably more tolerant towards the gay and lesbian communities. Recently, Pope Francis has aimed to welcome the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Tran gendered) community into the Catholic Church. Earlier this year Pope Francis has been quoted saying, “ If someone is gay and searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” Overall, the new Pope has gained considerable favorability among the Catholic Community and other religious and non-religious groups worldwide. Pope Francis has trail blazed for the church to focus on a more positive view of spreading Jesus Christ’s love and vision rather than narrowly arguing against homosexual marriage, contraception’s, and abortion.
Recently, however, Pope Francis has aimed to “soften” the churches views towards homosexuality by introducing an interim document that would welcome the ‘gifts and qualities’ of gay Catholics. Unfortunately, however, this plan was rejected by Synod. For a quick recap, a Synod is the Catholics group of church leaders who are in charge of making formal decisions and laws related to the church. The synod argued that ‘greater theological study and further consideration’ were required before any changes in the church’s attitude toward gay relationships.
What Pope Francis has done here is nothing short of a liberal, progressive turn for the Catholic church, regardless of the failing documentation. The Pope has actually allowed for people of the Catholic church to reconstruct their worldview of how they and the Church look at, and regard homosexuals. The Pope stated that the church has to adapt to the ‘changing conditions of society,’ in order to not be left in the past along with other homophobic ‘stone age’ ideas. The world that we live in nowadays is turning into a more liberal, progressive, tolerant, and understanding society, in which every member of it is granted some sort of equal human right. Although we are still a long way off from everyone in this world having equal rights and even being tolerated for their sexual orientation, what Pope Francis has done is created the idea that even the Catholic Church could, one day, open its arms with love to the people of the LGBT community.


One thought on “Pope Francis: Attempting to Open the Catholic Churches Arms to the LGBT Community

  1. I spent all of my education prior to university in the Catholic School District of Calgary so I’ve grown up with the opposition of homosexuality within the church. However, I’ve also met LGBT people at these school’s and know the extent of how hard it is to be homosexual in a community where people will not accept you. Although it may not seem like a big deal, the fact that Pope Francis is creating a welcoming space for LGBT people is a wonderful step forward and great news. Changing long standing traditions will not be easy and will probably receive some criticism for his actions but I agree when he said that the church needs to adapt to a society that is changing faster than they can keep up with.

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