Converted To Kill? (Ottawa Shooting)

Converted To Kill?
The Canadian authorities link the Ottawa shooting to a terrorist attack. Martin Rouleau-Couture, 25, converted to Islam last year. Rouleau drove his car into two Canadian soldiers and killed one of them in Quebec. Police identified the dead soldier as Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, 53 while the other soldier. Rouleau was shot dead by police. The Canadian officials believe that it was a terrorist attack and that he expressed his hatred towards Christianity. They also claimed that Rouleau’s family, the imam of the mosque he used to go to and the police were already aware of his extreme political and social views. I believe everyone has their own political and social view and one has a right to express them to their family members. If it was such a big issue then the police must have taken an action right away. Police commissioner Bob Paulson said, “He was part of our investigative efforts to try and identify those people who might commit a criminal act travelling abroad for terrorist purposes.” Quebec police spokesman Guy Lapointe said that the act was deliberate. The Public safety minister Steven Blaney called it a “terrible act of violence against our country, against our military and against our values” and that it was “clearly linked to terrorist ideology. Daniel Fortin, neighbour of Roleau said that he lived with his father. Fortin also said that over the past year, Rouleau had grown a beard and preferred wearing long lose fitted clothes like Muslims do but never threatened anyone. My question is that should one identify a person as a Muslim if he grows beard and wears lose fitted clothes? He also told that Roleau’s father was concerned about his son becoming increasingly radical. The Islamic State group supports their members to attack Western countries including Canada, that are participating in the US led coalition and fight against the militants and soldiers who have taken over territories in Iraq and Syria. It is unknown whether the Quebec attack ties to Islamic militant group or not. Why are all Muslim attacks related to terrorism? Act of one ‘Muslim’ affects the whole Muslim society around the world. Muslim stereotypes are perpetuated in every form of the media accompanied by gross misinformation about Islam and Muslims. In fact, such misinformation and false propaganda often leads to discrimination and acts of violence against Muslims.

Personal Identifier: MK
Course: #200


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