Backlash against Muslims

Backlash against Muslims

The article that I have chosen to talk about is an act of vandalism that occurred in Cold Lake, Alberta. The Cold lake Mosque was vandalized Thursday night. Windows were smashed and spray paint was sprayed on the front of the building. The cause of the vandalism is without a doubt backlash against Muslims because of the incidents this week that resulted in the death of Canadian soldiers. Writing on the walls saying “Go home” was spray painted on the building along with the word “Canada”. When they interviewed the shop owner he was devastated, and what they did had really hurt him. He told the news reporters that this is his home, where his children were born and raised. The community came together to support the family and helped clean the spray paint off the walls. Some members of the community also spoke out against what had happened and said that they are disgusted, and that it doesn’t represent what true Canadians are. This article is a clear example of how the image of one of the world’s largest religions can be wrecked by the acts of an extremists group. According to the text book Islam is the second largest religion. The acts this week stem from the idea that Islamic culture has been passed down through scripture which in any case can create groups of extremists. Now these extremists have taken and twisted some Canadians view on the entire religion, which drove them to do something terrible. The mosque is located more than half way across the country, which the people that caused the vandalism probably weren’t affected directly. Initially when I read this article and heard about it on the news I was blown away. The fact that someone is completely innocent and is being treated as if they had done something wrong is very sad. Often when I hear these stories I try to put myself in there shoes to try and understand how there feeling, but in this case I don’t think it’s possible. -AM #200


2 thoughts on “Backlash against Muslims

  1. I agree that it is very sad that someone who is completely innocent is being treated as if they did something wrong. However, it is very heartwarming that there were a number of people helping clean up the vandalism. Discriminating against any religion is uncalled for. If one muslim does something wrong, it does not mean that all muslims are bad. Some Canadians did something wrong when they decided to vandalize this Mosque but this does not mean that all Canadians are bad.

  2. I think that what you are highlighting in this post makes a lot of sense in regards to the way that the media portrays certain groups and cultures. Because of the actions of a few individuals from large groups, the media labels the entire group as a result. Muslims are a group of people who are in the media quite often and they are created out to be extremists, even though Islam is a faith of love, peace and mercy. However, people do not always agree with the way media presents Muslims because they know that the large population is peaceful. People helping to clean the Mosque shows that not everyone believes in the way that the media twists things and presents them.

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