Christianity Pushing For Political Influence

For decades, the much-debated topic of the legality of abortion has caused political unrest and controversy in the United States of America. The major issue of abortion and also the greyest area of politics seem to be the ethicality of it.

This is discussed in the article as being overshadowed by the stories that have been shared. The author interprets these heartbreaking stories as distractions from the real question of morality. Matters such as morality, that varies so considerably, both culturally and personally, are difficult to universally define without disagreement. Therefore, what entitles a person/group of people to determine what is morally conscious and what is not in terms of law applicable to an entire nation?

For the Christian church to attempt to force their own version of morality onto the country enlightens their pursuit towards becoming a political religion. The forcefulness of the Church to bring their religious ideas of morality into law depicts a long-term result of a government that runs correspondingly with Catholicism. Further, any type of differing religion could not coexist with the Catholic Church as a political religion. With laws bringing restrictions based on the Catholic faith, many religions would be forced out of practice.

Evidently, permitting a definition of morality or ethical consciousness that is enforced by law nationwide will not only cause conflict among the citizens, but, begin the definer’s ascension of political influence.


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