Canada – These Colors Don’t Run

The terrorist attack that happened in Ottawa on October 22, 2014, rocked the nation. Even the international community watched with bated breath, as the tragic events of the day unraveled. The media made associations between the attack on Parliament hill to 9/11, or claims that Canada had finally lost its “innocence”. The article that I chose to blog about discusses these claims, and the argument that in fact, Canada was never innocent.

Interviewed in the article was McGill University political science professor, Rex Brynen, who argues the fact that Canada has had its citizens involved in plots to evoke terror among the innocent. Whether these terror attacks are on home soil or internationally, in the past or recently, by a Jihadist or mentally unstable individual, Canadians have been involved. International relations expert, Thomas Juneau argues that although this event has devastated the nation, its how Canadians handle it that makes the difference, “I think that Canada’s measured reaction so far, the fact that were not hysterical, we’re not apocalyptic, will confirm, if anything, to the world image of Canadians as level-headed, a mature society”.

Reading this made me think about what is going on globally that would cause such evil to rear its ugly head so close to home. Experts believe that the terror attack in Ottawa, and the next day in New York, are the results of the propaganda coming from the Islamic State terror group, ISIS, which calls for the death and destruction for any country that stands against it – Canada included. The Islamic State does not recognize any religion other then Islam, any law other then Sharia, and those that oppose shall be killed. This is their worldview and their propaganda emanates this, and scarily it has convinced many to join in their murderous plot.

The shock about this worldview is not just their mission, but how fast people are to dismiss it saying, “it doesn’t represent Islam” and, “these people are not true Muslims”. My argument to this stems from a religious 349 lecture, where we discussed Obama’s speech about IS where he claimed the same thing, people who commit these horrendous acts are not Muslims. That is in fact, false. The people committing these terror attacks are justifying it because that is their worldview; they are doing it for the Islamic religion. It would be crazy to claim that every Muslim is a radical yet there are radicals, and they do need to be monitored carefully. After all, Nazi’s only comprised 7-10% of the German population. Even in our own city this past summer, a family of pro-Israel Canadians was beaten by a group of pro-Palestinians, while the mass of 800 plus stood idly watching.

It is time Canadians start coming together against this common enemy, against this radicalization, and protecting the rights that our forefathers fought for. You are either for Canada, or against her, accept her laws and the Judeo-Christian society that we live peacefully in, or you can leave. That’s the beauty of living in Canada.


– S.H #349


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