A Clash of Religion and Politics

A recent article (http://bit.ly/1rhdDWF) by Anne-Gerarde Flynn highlights controversial issues currently being discussed in relation to the Catholic Church. The Vatican’s Third Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops is currently in intense discussion regarding ideas concerning the makeup of the modern family and other controversial subjects including contraception and co-habitation. A number of Catholic individuals were encouraged to take part in a recent anonymous survey where they were able to safely voice their opinions on the doctrines of the church and any ideas they may be in disagreement with. Gay rights were a common area of concern for many individuals who took part in the survey, specifically regarding equality, rights and an increasingly modern outlook.

Same-sex marriage is currently legal in 31 of the 52 states of America and gay rights has become an increasingly popular argument throughout North America. The Church has been strongly opposed to same-sex marriage or any same-sex relations in general as part of the foundational Catholic teaching that marriage is between a man and a woman. This can relate to the ideas of ideology and false consciousness. It has been a common aspect of historic American ideology to reject same-sex marriage and rights, as influenced by the Catholic Church. However, in modern politics, the argument has been made that by rejecting same-sex rights individuals have been hurt, resulting in a violation of the Fifth Amendment that acts to protect these very same people. Therefore, the ideas of Daniel Bell that ideology no longer works in the modern world and that people must take a practical approach to decision making seems to hold true in this situation.

Recently, the Roman Catholic ideology on same-sex relations has been heavily politically debated, to the point where religions leaders are now in conversation concerning the re-evaluation of these foundations. The church claims their doctrines will remain unchanged, they are just discussing ideas for better implementation of these same doctrines.

In my opinion, the results of these discussions can be both good and bad. On one hand, the idea that the Catholic Church is open to suggestion and cares about the opinions of its people seems encouraging and would likely be attractive to the Churches youth. Understanding Millennial Politics suggests that some good will likely come if the Church decides to be increasingly open-minded, as today’s youth, as a whole, seem to be less conservative and increasingly liberal. However, depending on the results, this could be extremely detrimental to the existing and highly conservative members of the Catholic Church. I believe any changes made to the doctrines or implementations of these doctrines will lead to intense debate and increasing questioning of the Catholic faith by these members. As a member of today’s youth and a poster-child for Millennial Politics, I would be more than elated to see an increase in openness to the idea of same-sex relations in the church. However, I fully believe that any leniency is going to result in back-lash.

By: Opinionated349


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