Vatican Softens View on Homosexuality

Vatican Softens View on Homosexuality
In this article, , the Vatican has announced that they will be taking a more accepting view towards gay people. After a week long discussion of 200 bishops, a Vatican document revealed that homosexuals have “gifts and qualities to offer.” This document reflects Pope Francis’ view regarding homosexuality. He says, “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has goodwill, who am I to judge?” Pope Francis has taken progressive steps to change the position of the Church so that homosexuals are accepted and valued as humans.
It seems that the Pope is saying that the Church should not be afraid to change as it has been far too rigid in its views of gay people. His views are a far cry from those of his predecessors, Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI whose views were much in line with the tradition doctrines of the Church. Pope Francis presents a new and hopeful direction for the Catholic churches to soften their views on homosexuality. This view by Pope Francis indicates that the old, hard traditions of Catholicism may slowly fade over time.
This dramatic view of Pope Francis has already been embraced by many American Catholics, particularly the young. The younger generation tend to be more progressive and more likely to support gay people. Therefore, it may be more difficult for Bishops and the Catholic Church to keep traditional doctrines in place as time goes on. In addition, if the church does not change, it will continue to alienate the younger generation who are accepting of homosexuals.
For now, there will be no doctrinal changes but it is a big step in a new direction. Changing attitudes will be an ongoing effort especially among those who have been faithful to the church for so long. Homosexuality has been regarded as a sin in the Catholic Church, but Pope Francis wants to look beyond the sin and view the person as a whole with compassion and respect. Pope Francis is saying that if a person is gay, but has God in his heart, then there is no room to interfere spiritually in the life of a homosexual.
There will be much debate along the way and this new direction will most likely break down tradition values and set new grounds in tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality. Although some old traditional Catholics may have a problem with this new view, it is important for the Church to move ahead as our society has been embracing new values and morals over time. Perhaps it is time for the Church to start listening and adapting with our constantly changing society.

One thought on “Vatican Softens View on Homosexuality

  1. This article reports on refreshing news out of the Vatican. The Holy See has always been quick to criticize and condemn homosexuality. It is a welcome development to see that Pope Francis has brought change to the Catholic Church. This represents a paradigm shift from traditional conservatism to a more progressive approach. I agree that this is a vital step for the Catholic Church to ensure its survival in this day and age. Society is changing and adapting at a pace never before witnessed by the Papacy. The acceptance of homosexuality is occurring in more and more denominations. The Vatican must follow suit, if it wishes to retain its congregation. You are correct in saying that the younger congregation will continue to dwindle if some semblance of reform does not occur. It really is our current generation that will support the Catholic Church both financially and spiritually in coming years.
    While this statement by Pope Francis is a step in the right direction, the step itself is miniscule in stature. The Vatican is simply conceding that homosexuals have value and qualities to offer the church. They are not changing church doctrine or creed. Considering that the Catholic Church is arguably the oldest institution in the world, it would be foolish to expect change to occur overnight. In our generation, we will likely not witness a gay marriage officiated by the Catholic Church. Nonetheless, this is an unprecedented move by the Vatican and will hopefully lead to further acceptance of the LGBT community.

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