The Witch Costume: How Modern Pagans Have Reclaimed it as an Act of Power

The Witch Costume: How Modern Pagans Have Reclaimed it as an Act of Power .
For my second blog I have chosen an article from the Huffington Post by Antonia Blumberg. The article revolves around the use of the iconic witch costume on Halloween and how it is seen by Pagan groups. One of the first main points of this article is the fact that members of Pagan groups don’t actually find it offensive to dress up in a witch costume. I find that this point being made by the article relates well with our studies of religious world views as it pins the views of Pagan group members against the views of non-Pagan group members. The article seems to suggest that it is non-Pagan group members who tend to think wearing witches costumes is offensive to those belonging to Wiccan churches when in actuality many Pagan group members believe that a key component in dressing up in spiritual garb is the context it is being worn in. Rev. Selena Fox a senior minister of the Circle Sanctuary who is quoted throughout the article is noted as saying “We are having fun with witch costumes because of the context.” Another main point made by the article is that Pagan group members are not so much frustrated by people offending them by wearing witch costumes but are more irritated by the fact that non-witches/Wiccans are determining what’s offensive instead of asking them what they find as offensive. Again we see how the worldviews between non-Pagans and Pagans are very different and a true understanding of the Pagan worldview cannot be ascertained without actually speaking to someone who associates themselves under the Pagan religion. A third point made by the article is the fact that those belonging to Pagan groups are reclaiming not only the witch costume but the word “witch” itself as an act of power. The word “witch has always been associated with evil and bad things at least in terms of those who are non-witches/Wiccans. It seems though that members of Pagan groups are looking to change that as Fox is quoted saying that “But depictions of the “evil witch”, with her hat and broom, can offer an opportunity to talk about the true nature of Wiccan spirituality.” I think this point made by the article relates well with what we learned in class about the understanding of worldviews constantly changing. Not only is it a constant change but it is a change with the intention to help others gain a better understanding of other worldviews. Overall I think this articles does well to relate to our core study of the nature and origin of religious worldviews because it shines a light on how the nature of religious worldviews can be quite different between members and non-members of a religion. If you would like to read the article yourself you can find it on the following link
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