“Not in my Name” (ISIS)

“Not in my Name”

Article: http://bit.ly/1ztF8oV

There have been many discussions among Canadians about the threat of ISIS, the extremist terrorist organization that claims to Islamic in its religious views. These discussions have also led to debates about the Muslim faith and its supposed violent agenda of terror. While it may be easy and convenient for people to blame the Muslim faith for these evil people’s actions, I feel that this type of generalization is simply untrue, and is in fact quite ignorant. With approximately 1.6 billion Muslims on our planet, i find it incredibly difficult to believe the idea that they all hold the extreme beliefs that ISIS holds. In my opinion, ISIS is a group whom uses religion as an excuse for its violent activities, and whose members are deeply evil individuals who have found a way to try and justify their actions. There are evil people in all religious groups and of all races, as well as good, kind people in every religious group and race. This idea should be commonplace in modern society, yet it sadly isn’t. Instead, certain uninformed people, and the mainstream media, place the blame on the entire Muslim religion, because society loves a scapegoat in times of distress apparently. With the recent attacks in Ottawa by recent Islamic converts, the fear of Islam has become very real for Canadians. This is what 17 year-old Muslim Ali Chebli wants to eliminate. He took to social media to express his feelings on the attack, posting a picture of himself holding up a sign saying “not in my name”. The Quebecois Muslim student strongly disagrees with what ISIS is doing, as do many other Muslim people. He states “I’m just a regular person. Like i said on my page, i wake up every morning, i go to school, i come home, i have dinner, i do my homework.” Although this young man identifies with Islam and the Muslim faith, he is not preaching violence or anything of the sort as many would like us to believe all Muslims do; he is in fact doing the opposite. This young man is doing his part to help eliminate the stigma that some people are fabricating about the Islamic worldview. The overall message to be taken from Ali Chebli’s statement is that the actions of ISIS should not reflect the beliefs of the Muslim faith as a whole; ISIS does not deserve to associate with and tarnish a religion that does not believe in violence. It turns out that most of ISIS’s victims thus far are Muslims, which should help paint the real picture here.

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