The Roman Catholic Church on Homosexuality

The Roman Catholic Church on Homosexuality

We all know that the latest Pope, Pope Francis is very different from his predecessors. This progressive man, since coming into his position as the Pope has called out the Roman Catholic Church on frivolous spending, anonymously fed the homeless on a regular basis in which he pretended to be a regular priest, urges the protection of the Amazon Rain Forest, held a major service a youth prison and has denounced the judgment of homosexuals. This is just to name a few things. So it can thus be said that Pope Francis has been making a progressive change in way which the Roman Catholic Church is run.

However, one mans progressive actions can only go so far to break tradition in a ~2000 year old establishment. On October 18th, during the Synod, a once a year gathering of bishops and other Church officials meet at the Vatican to talk about various topics. One of the many topics they talked about this year included the Church’s view on homosexuality. Due to Pope Francis’ liberal and progressive disposition there was hope that perhaps it was time for a new era of acceptance of gay people to come from this meeting.

Nonetheless many will be disappointed with the results. It seems that in the final repot of the Synod there is no mention (as in the draft version) of the “gifts and qualities” homosexuals posses. Nor is there recognition of the “precious support” gay couples can offer each other. In the final report pertaining to homosexuality there is a “distinctly cooler tone” in which it states that there is “not even a remote” comparison between “heterosexual and homosexual unions.”
Unfortunately, also in the article it says that even the idea that all “men and women of homosexual tendencies must be welcomed with respect and sensitivity.” did not pass the 2/3 majority it needed to be approved. (118 bishops were for the text, while 62 opposed the notion.)

Although Pope Francis did not get the outcome he had hoped for with Synod, he “showed no sign of disappointment.” He believes that because there was animated discussion on the subject there is hope for homosexual acceptance within the church verses a quiet in a “false and acquiescent peace. So there is hope. Perhaps during next year’s Synod there will be a different outcome.



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