Science and God

Science and God

One of the questions that is directed to people who practice religion is if one can be a religious person and support science at the same time, or if science disproves religion. My answer is yes, you can both be a follower of a certain religion and science does not disprove religion. There are many people who research science for the glory of God, and some doctors who are religious would say that this “talent” was gifted to them by God, and could not do it without him. One of the misconceptions about the church is that they would not accept science and the modern world, but as this article says, “Of course, the whole reason the Vatican established a Vatican Observatory was to show the world that the Church supports science.” I believe that science and God go together, because how could one possibly say that nothing is moving the world? How does evolution progress to the way we are now? In my opinion, God has made this happen, the complexity of the universe, how the very first living organism was born must have been a creationist theory, otherwise how could one explain where the very first organism came from. Sure, there are many things that are left unexplained or there are many things that the Bible does not explain things such as extraterrestrial beings. But the Bible doesn’t mention about these things either, the Bible does not deny them either, this means that science does not disprove of religion. We can also look at emotions, such as love. It takes more than evidence and data collecting or the scientific method to prove or evaluate this emotion. It is something science cannot apprehend very well, just as Consolmagno says in this article, “But Love is not a puzzle that can be “solved” with “evidence”; it is a reality that grows, in beauty and complexity, the longer you live with it.” But just these reasons for why science would support God are not enough. There are many people in the world that goes strongly against science and religion together. People would begin to ask questions that sometimes cannot be answered, and sometimes people’s faith would waver, which makes others think that if faith is wavered, it would just reinforce the fact that religion and science do not go together and faith is not needed. If there is no faith, people would question the existence of religion and God, I believe that research on science not only supports religion, but it also tests your faith in God.


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    Though I agree with your belief that science and religious belief can coexist in a persons worldview I must raise objection to a number of claims you make. Firstly, depending on the dogma of a certain religion science can be in opposition. If the dogmatic claims of a certain scripture make claims about the physical world that can be tested by science, then they can be proven wrong. Such as some translations of the bible claiming the earth has four corners. Secondly, your questioning of evolutionary theory and the “first organism”; just as there was no “first” human there was no “first organism, rather a gradual change of chemistry to biochemistry. There are many theories and experiments that have been conducted to demonstrate how primal lipids and amino acids could form primitive cells, as well as experiments showing how RNA can undergo a process to become DNA (given the circumstances). I believe that there is much wonder in this world that we all need to share, scientists and the religious alike. I also believe that science will uncover more than any hardcore atheist could fathom when it comes to the nature of consciousness, love, and connection with each other an our world. But for this to happen, the religious must look to science for answers not away from it. This is because science, unlike scripture is an ever changing and ever correcting process. Have faith that one day we can understand this amazing life we live.

  2. Response to mini-blog: Science and God

    This mini-blog really shows us the relationship Science has with religion. In particular, modern science has evolved to a point where it is hard to make connections to religion. I agree with the writer that we can believe in both without compromising the other. I believe that your faith in God is of a completely different realm from your beliefs upon science. Science should not alter your faith. People believe that if you indulge yourself too much into one, you get penetrated into one. I, like many others, would want to stay on the middle of the spectrum. This mini-blog does a good job in discussing the article in detail. It relates to our Religious Studies 200 class in a very unique way. It shows that people may have many worldviews upon Religion and Science, respectively. I am religious myself, but I don’t intermix science with religion. I truly hold a strong faith in my religion. Yet, I still support scientific evidence and knowledge to a certain extent. This is the 21st century; it is very hard not to mix anything in the world today.


  3. It’s very interesting that you think that science and God can co-exist with one another. It is a very intriguing relationship because I also have wondered about these two different aspects. But I do agree with the writer, because why can’t they both co-exist with each other? There is nothing wrong with believing in both of them. I am Christian, and I believe that they both need each other. Because as a Christian, I do believe that God created the world and every living creature on earth. But I do believe in some aspects of evolution, because everything changes and they have to do what they have to do in order to survive. And if you really do have faith in God, the scientific aspects shouldn’t affect your faith. Because when you really believe in something that is right in your mind, no one or nothing should be able to change that belief. In school, we always learn about evolution and other scientific evidence but it has never affected my faith to God. But I do accept the facts that are involved in evolution and other science. Also like the writer has said the Bible didn’t explain or deny anything about science. It is interesting how different worldviews and backgrounds effect the way we view this topic. But I for one, do strongly agree that both religion and science can co-exist with each other.

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