Mormon Women And Their Rights

Mormon Women And Their Rights

In spite of rebukes from church leaders a group of Mormon women went on to witness a live broadcast of the male priesthood meetings with men for the first time. Members of the group Ordain women, are fighting for the right to be ordained as priests, which is not allowed in Mormonism at the moment. In fact earlier in June their founder Kate Kelly was excommunicated from the church for fighting to have women ordained as priests, though the reason given by the church was “conduct contrary to the laws and order of the church.” The past two conferences the women were denied access to the actual conference but this year they managed to get into regional church buildings where there was a live broadcast of the priesthood sessions. The priesthood sessions are usually attended by males 12 and up. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints even released a press statement saying they are discouraging this, saying that there is a general women’s meeting that is especially for women and girls. In various buildings around the country women had gone on to watch this priesthood session expect in Salt Lake City and an Atlanta suburb where they were denied access.

I think that it’s absolutely ridiculous that women are being denied not only the right to be priests but access to buildings to watch a conference, especially modern educated women in the USA. It definitely is a shock knowing that there are systems that still function like this in a developed country where the emphasis is placed on the equality and independence. The feminist movement has definitely taken a step backward, but what can be said, this is in my opinion in infringement on women’s rights. It gives the message that women are not worthy or holy enough to hold priesthood; it is a form of blatant sexism that is shocking given this religions American roots. Women have had to fight for the right to vote almost a hundred years ago, but those were different times. Now when we have women leaders such as Angela Merkel the chancellor of Germany, in a time when the leaders of one of the most powerful countries in the world is a women this is especially shocking and distressing. Though to go further and deny women the right to go to the conference, and in some cases even watch the live feed of the conference is archaic. It is a system that does not work in today’s modern world, where we have proved time and time again that women are just as competent and intelligent as men. The Mormon church needs to rethink its position of limiting and suppressing women’s rights and to move with the times, like they did when the church overturned the ban on black priests in 1978, women should be allowed the same liberty. The women that are part of the ordain women movement should continue to fight for their rights and push for equality in the Mormon Church.


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