Hitting Close to Home (ISIS)

Hitting Close to Home


Over the past few months ISIS or the Islamic State has been making the news everyday. After a few weeks of seeing the headlines of them taking over towns and cities in Syria and Afghanistan I started pay less and less attention. Then, they beheaded the first hostage, and then the next one, and the headlines started catching my attention once again.

Now, it seems as though they’ve hit within our own country and it has truly become a reality that these Islamic extremists are truly out to do harm to not only the people in the Middle East, but also people around the world. It’s a scary thought thinking that the next attack could happen anywhere and at anytime. Being a student at a university with a very high population where a huge amount of people gather for lunch everyday makes me think “today could be the day”.

Of course there has always been radical religious groups members within Canada, but they used to lurk in the shadows like a spider. You knew they were there, but you never expect them to do any harm, and now that they have it scares me everyday, and I don’t want to live in fear everyday as I grab my lunch in between classes that I have the right to attend.

To attack someone guarding a sacred ceremonial tomb is probably the most cowardly thing any human being on this Earth can do. I don’t care what extremist group you’re from, that is easily the lowest you can get on the totem pole. The people that are associated with that man should be ashamed. Attacking the leader of a country, ok I get that you don’t agree with his views and his or her decision to attack your country, but to attack a ceremonial guard who has done nothing to offend you is just mind boggling.

Of course they have totally different religious and worldviews so some of the things that they do is understandable. It’s the things like the beheadings and sacrificial killings that are so inconceivable to me; it’s just so medieval. We are in the 21st Century now; we do not solve our problems with violence until necessary. If the leaders in World War I and World War II could sit in a room and discuss their problems with each other, so should the Islamic State. I’m sorry but its time to catch up to the rest of the world.


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