US Air Strike decision has deep Roots

Most children know not to take the cookie from the cookie jar. But when a child is tempted, the mindset changes to “can I get away with it?” This happens to demonstrates the thought process of the Syrian terror group in their decision to continue expanding their territory. However, dad was watching, and the US is making it clear that Syrian extremists will not get away with it. So this extremist group can expect a nice spanking in the form of US air strikes for the next few days.

The article explains how the parties involved are interpreting this action as a sign of support from the Americans. American allies from the Persian Gulf see this as the beginning of a stronger presence in Syria to help remove President Assad from his office. The Syrian government interpret this as an indication to assist them in combating ISIS militants and quieting rebels.

Syria has endured a period of civil unrest, mostly directed to President Assad and his failure suppress the ISIS terror group. The US openly states that they will remain neutral on Syrian civil affairs. So you may ask, what does the world’s most powerful nation have to benefit from this decision. The answer lies at the roots of American political decision making. Up until the collapse of the USSR, US civil religion developed the fundamental belief that democracy was good, and communism was bad. But once the threat of extremist groups became a reality, the civil religion has been adapting.

This nation has expressed explicit desire to support civilian rights and democratic movements. In this case, it was necessary to deliver a non-tolerance message to this terror group in hopes of dictating their future actions.


Tweet – ISIS group in Syria is getting a spanking. US belief in civilian right as the deal breaker to the decision


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