More Americans want religion in their politics

The article More Americans want Religion in their Politics, looks at the overall decline of religion’s influence on politics and the surprising majority reaction (about 72%) that this news is bad news. This comes interesting in the face of a country that holds the belief to be totally democratic and liberal and advocating for the separation of church and state. Despite this claim held by the US, it seems that its citizens and government did not get that memo. Conducted though a Pew Research study, information has come out that there has been a jump in American citizens who believe that leaders make too little mention of their religious affiliation. It should be noted that respondents who felt a severe lack of intermixing religion and politics was a bad thing, had a religious affiliation leaning towards the Protestant and Catholic demographics. As such, a rise in support for the Republican Party and a decrease in support for gay rights has resulted. It should be noted as well that despite these changes, Pew Research still maintains that there is not enough information to determine whether this is a change in direction is related in to religion, or whether or not it is just a leveling of opinions.

Having examined this article, it is easy to see how the relationship between politics remains strong even in countries that maintain the idea that they have a separation of church and state. In times wherein Islamic States receive stigma, a lot of which comes from basing law of off religious doctrine, it was interesting to see that one of the greatest faces of opposition to such states (the western world), would want a government wherein religion has a place in political discourse. It seems highly hypocritical that the United States would be so heavily influenced by religion (one could say leaning towards being a theist state), while maintaining that it does in fact have a separation.

While some hold the view that at least American type theism (Christianity) doesn’t foster terrorism, is in fact quite false. The KKK, colonialism and even the Crusades are all examples of atrocities committed in the name of a religion (quite falsely), and yet the United States continues to hold these values safe. The argument can be said that these atrocities were committed by fringe groups going against the main fabric of the Christian religion, but the same is of Islamic extremists, and yet the US has disagreed with the idea of Islamic States.

Where then, does this dichotomy stem from? As the reader, I find myself somewhat confused at such a religious influence, despite what seems to be an American stance on separatism. One can only speculate, but I would argue that it has to do with the ‘City on a Hill complex held by the United States, wherein their views, no matter how hypocritical are correct, because they are American. As it stands, it seems the US is an undercover theist state.

Miss Kay#349


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