Crunching the Statistics

An author by the name of Morgan Lee has recently published an article titled Pew Surprised by How Many Americans Want Religion Back in Politics. The article contains many statistics comparing topics such as church involvement in political matters, and statistics regarding same sex marriage and homosexuality.

The article begins with statistics regarding if churches should be allowed to express opinion regarding political or social affairs, as well the being able to favor one political figure over another. A narrow margin believes that churches should be allowed to express their opinion on social and political matters. In a much wider margin, the statistics further show that churches should not come out in favor for political candidates. These statistics are interesting because they suggest that people are not yet fully open to church involvement in their politics. They would like to keep religion and politics as two separate entities. From today’s viewpoint, we say for a society to be democratic, it means to be open and willing to listen to other ideologies and beliefs, ones that are not necessarily your own. The problem with ideology is that some individuals are blinded by it, that they create their own ideologies and become unaccepting to other viewpoints around them. By restricting or saying that churches should not be allowed to express political opinion is a restriction of their fundamental rights. If churches are not allowed or consented to be an active voice in politics, we cannot say we as a society are fully democratic, because we are not willing to stand by the belief that everyone is entitled to the right of freedom of speech.

The second major topic addressed in this article is statistics regarding homosexuality. It also shows a statistic, addressing that business owners not in support of same sex marriage should be required to provide means at such weddings. The statistics favored that business owners opposed to same sex marriage should provide in some form at these wedding. Furthermore, white evangelicals and black Protestants over all religious groups see homosexuality and same sex marriage as a sin. However, the statistics also show as the years have passed, Americans have seen a significant increase in support of same sex marriage and homosexuality. With regards to the statistic regarding business owners, I think there is something that needs to be said. I believe that in the workplace, business owners should be allowed to follow whatever they believe in. If they do not agree with same sex marriage, forcing them to fund what they do not believe in is violating their personal and religious beliefs. As long as their religious and personal beliefs do not compromise the rights of others, and do not prove detrimental to the business or their workers, business owners should be allowed to pursue their religious and personal means in however they see fit.

We as a nation are becoming more accepting of same sex marriage, and in the years to come, will see an increase of support due to rallies and support groups that argue gender equality is a right everyone should be guaranteed. On the topic of merging politics and religion into one, churches should have a say in political involvement as they are nations of our society with the same rights and freedoms as those not involved in church organizations. Disregarding these rights from both sides impeaches basic fundamental freedoms and in doing so, shows we are not as democratic as we perceive ourselves to be.



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