We Will Still Exist Without You.


We Will Still Exist Without You.

Paul Hauff and Tom Wojtowick, a gay married couple in Great Falls, Montana have been forcibly removed from the parish in which they reside. The reasoning? The latest reverend, Samuel Spiering, of St. Leo’s Catholic Church, in which they have attended and received communion for the last eleven years, has declared the two men inadequate to receive communion, as they are legally recognized in matrimony under the marriage law in Seattle. There are an unspecified number of homosexuals within the church whom are still receiving communion as none of them are wed. Hauff and Wojtowick were advised to divorce, live in separate residences and write a declaration that marriage is strictly a heterosexual affair. If they proceeded to do so they would be permitted back into the Church and would receive communion once again.

The scrutiny of homosexuality in the Catholic Church is not only based off of an antiquated view of religion, but is extremely hypocritical. The very foundation in which Christianity is based is that of love. “Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.” (Mark 12:31) Contrary to this verse from The Bible, love can only exist under strict regulation, According to St. Leoth’s Catholic Church. According to the Public Religion Research Institute in America, 57% of Catholics are in favor of same sex marriages and agree that they should be recognized in the United States.

A difficult idea to grasp is how other homosexual individuals and same sex couples within St. Leo’s Catholic Church are still allowed to attend services and receive communion. The only reason being that none of these couples are legally unionized. This is another hypocrisy of the Church. Not only has the Church implemented a strict rule of married same sex couples not being permitted into the Church, but have allowed unwed same sex couples to continue communion. Is this St. Leo’s way of discouraging gay marriage as a whole? It seems as though this will be a very fruitless tactic considering Hauff and Wojtowick plan on maintaining their faith with, or without the Church.

This antiquated viewpoint of St. Leo’s Catholic Church opposes the true meaning of the religious doctrine it supposedly upholds. Homosexuals should be on par with heterosexuals and like everyone else, they just want to integrate and be a part of normal society. For Paul Hauff and Tom Wojtowick, church is a normal part of life and has been since childhood. With modern society being as tolerant as it is, the church should strongly consider the extreme hypocrisy and outdated precedent it is following. I do believe that these men have subscribed to a religion that has established a strict view on marriage, however in order for the Church to survive in modernity it must accommodate contemporary society, considering that is to whom these services are being delivered. For a system of religion supposedly existing the notion of love, St. Leo’s Catholic Church is certainly not providing a very good representation of this.

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