Two Religions? No Problem!

Religious Studies 200

Two Religions? No Problem!

In a time where interracial marriages are a norm in the western society, children of these marriages are often questioned about which of the parents’ religion they adhere to.  This question engages the world outside and is relevant for understanding modern society.

In the article The Case for raising Your Children With Two Religions, I fully agree with Millers’ point of view. Instead of forcing one religion, the child should be exposed to both religions. He/she would be more accepting of their own appearance. For instance, if a boy has blond hair and brown skin, then he will be comfortable in accepting his rare combination and can explain that he is a part of two different heritages to his fellow peers. In addition, by teaching him both religions, it will unify the family because both parents will feel accepted. The extended family will also be satisfied because their grandchild is taking part in their religion. By being exposed to both religions, it will demonstrate to the child that all religions are equal. If the parents only show the child one religion, then he may believe that that certain religion is superior to the other, and making the parent that practices that religion also superior. Lastly, I wholeheartedly agree with Miller when she states that even if the child grows up and doesn’t agree with any of the religions, then at least he/she will be culturally literate and be able to respect both religions.

This article does fully relate to this course because an individual’s religion does impact their worldview and how the person looks at other religions. If an individual has knowledge about both parents’ religions, then he/she will be more likely to explore other religions with an open mind. This article also relates to the course because your religion does impact your traditions, and traditions impact your worldview. Lastly this course isn’t enriching you on just one religion, it’s about world religions. And in our class, I’m sure there are many atheists who just want to be more aware and knowledgeable of all of the other religions out there in the world. Like Miller said, even if the child does not choose to practice any of the religions, then at least he/she will be culturally literate; which is a very important concept because it will help you accept and understand other religions and be respectful towards them.

It is evident my reaction to this story is very positive. I do believe that a child of two different religious background parents should be enriched with both religions. And that even if the child grows up and chooses to accept one, both or none of the religions, at least the child will be culturally literate and will be more accepting to other world religions.
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One thought on “Two Religions? No Problem!

  1. That is a really wonderful way of thinking about this problem many couples face with their children, and maybe a little optimistic. With many religions, it is very difficult to believe in anything other than what that religion preaches (if you have some time, definitely read Life of Pi). Even before a couple is able to have a child, what is more likely to happen is that one person has to convert.
    I could just be a total pessimist, as I grew up believing that if you marry someone, you marry their family as well…which means you have to put up with or just adopt their accompanying ideologies. Could get messy with a kid in the midst of it…

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