The Great Tradition of Islam Condemns The ISIS and Their Faith

The Great Tradition of Islam Condemns The ISIS and Their Faith


The Article “Muslim Scholars Release Open Letter to Islam State Meticulously Blasting its ideology” written by Lauren Markoe and published September 24, 2014 in the Huffington Post is a good example of a great tradition in conflict with a little tradition. The big tradition being the religion of Islam as a whole, they have leaders, rituals and written text making it a big tradition. Branching off the big tradition of Islam is the Islamic State (IS) which has implemented little traditions. It is a group of people who have come together to practice their version of Islam. In this article Muslim Scholars denounce the IS as being “un-Islamic”. Though the letter is written in Arabic they do translate some of the over arching ideas about why they believe that the IS is “un-islamic”. According to these Muslim scholars it is “forbidden in Islam to Torture”; “it is forbidden in Islam to attribute evil acts to God.” The reasons continue as to why the IS and their acts are un-islamic in nature.

The IS has created a set of beliefs and traditions that are strong to their own ideals. They have created rituals and acts that branch off of the big tradition of Islam. In this way I argue that the IS has become a little tradition. It is unwritten and they believe it helps them to interact with the divine. They believe that what they are doing is in the name of Allah. The religious scholars of Islam are opposed to the actions and radical beliefs of the IS and that’s why I argue that they have created their own traditions and a new religion. The scholars put the name of the group IS under quotations, ‘Islamic State’ because they do not believe that they are practicing Islam. The argue that they are “not a state and not a religion.” Islam as a great tradition and religion is separating themselves from the IS and their ideals. The reason for these scholars to have written this letter to the IS is a response to the social change they are finding in their community of faith. More and more Islam youth are being attracted to the IS and joining their cause and extreme form of Islam. One an argue that the IS’s take on Islam and their different traditions are a reaction to social change and a move to create social change. This radical group is creating fear throughout the world based on their radical religious ideals. Their methods for implementing social and religious change are drastic and diverge drastically from traditional Islam ideology and that’s why the scholars are speaking out against them. That is why I argue that they have created a new religion that diverges from the great tradition of Islam.



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