Sinning in a Holy Place

Religious Studies 200  Sinning in a Holy Place

It is intriguing to see how traditions have been passed down for thousands of years. Some traditions have stayed exactly the same and some traditions have changed radically. When traditions are changed radically it may be for the benefit of mankind. But other times, traditions are changed for evil motives much like what people witnesses saw on September 16th according to this article

There are three kinds of major religious traditions. Primal traditions are close to little traditions. They depend upon immediate encounters with the divine or god. Yogic traditions are found in the Buddhist and Hindu world. They value the practice of yoga and escaping from the cycle of rebirth. Abramic traditions include Judaism, Christianity, and Islam because all these three religions can be traced back to prophet Abraham. People who believe in these religions believe in God as a being that communicates with human beings and tells human beings what to do by laying down guidelines or right and wrong.

Some people who represent certain religions act out based on personal vendetta and not because of their religious traditions that they have been taught. For example, just last week a 14-year old was in the front passenger seat and yelling profanity out of the vehicles window outside of Maronite College of the Holy Family in Harris Park on September 16th. Witnesses are claiming that the boy threatened to “kill the Christians”. The boy was waving an Islamic State Flag out the window. The boys actions were in the name of Islam. This is wrong because no Islamic tradition encourages people to behave in such a way or to “kill the Christians. When a person follows the traditions of a religion, it is hypocritical of them to go against what their religion preaches. Islam is not a violent or disrespectful religion but somehow this young boy has misunderstood his religion and the traditions.

AR #200


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