Science is Never Happy

Science is Never Happy

Though this article does point out some interesting facts concerning the ongoing dispute between science and religion, it seems to undermine both. “Science” has been coming out with news articles as well as articles in National Geographic about the effects of humans on earth, especially concerning the use of oil, coal and other energy sources. This author seems to want to point out the stupidity of people for ever believing such ridiculous notions of global warming. We must eat up what science is telling us about global warming one day but the next morning when an article is presented that opposes this view we all must immediately change our view along with it.

If we take a look at past scientific discoveries such as the simple one that the earth is round, there is little evidence to suggest that anybody valued or believed this information during the time of the scientist’s life. Rather it was the new generation that took in this view. How many people valued Einstein’s science or Beethoven’s music during their lifetime’s? New science just like new music takes years and sometimes takes a whole new batch of humans to appreciate the new information. The baby boomers (and most likely the generation that the Lakota Chief in the article belongs to) was fed full of global warming science, proof, and theories throughout most of their lives and continuing onto generation Y. Now this generation looks mindless and stupid when they put this science into their regular worship and don’t immediately disregard it when there is opposing scientific view.

Leaving science behind and moving to another point we can look at the Lakota’s views. To put it into perspective we can compare the Lakota tribe to the First Nations people here in Canada. Their traditions are much the same when you look at the value of Mother Nature and the earth. For years these people have been worshipping the earth, the soil, and praying for good weather, performing rain dances, Sundances, and so on. When taken into consideration the sanctity of the earth around us and ability to pray to a higher being for a blessing concerning nature, why would a culture such as the Lakota’s not pray for Spirit Mother if they believe that she is sick?

This religion is beyond its time when respecting that they have looked at modern science for truth, and whether global warming is fact or being disputed, they have developed their religion and culture to include the worship of Spirit Mother to be relieved from her fever in response to modern scientific world view.

AJD #200


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