Saeed Abedini is an Iranian-American citizen living and working as a Christian pastor in Idaho. His frequent trips to Iran to get involved with the secret and prosecuted Christian house churches, have all run smoothly, except his last. Upon arriving in Iran he was pulled from the bus and arrested for undermining national security, earning him eight years in an Iranian prison where he is subject to tortures and beatings. As of Friday September 26th 2014, there a four-hundred and sixty vigils set up across more than thirty countries in efforts to increase awareness for the situation. There is also a running petition available to be signed on the attached website in efforts to achieve his release, the total on this date is just shy of three-hundred thousand. Abedini is among sixty other Iranian believers to be in imprisoned, and is hoped to not become a stat of the over eight-thousand executed for practicing Christianity in house churches.

Even though the Iranian government has increased its prosecution and severity thereof, the believed number of Christians in the country is on the rise, as is the number of house churches. The new tactics by the government are sure to be “scare tactics”, in efforts to dissuade others from joining the secret churches around the country. These new measures have seen charges such has “moharebeh” or “enmity against god”, being levied against believers, especially church leaders. Another charge rising in popularity is “mofsed-e-filliarz”, meaning political or religious dissenters. Both of which will earn you years in brutal Iranian prisons. Lastly is the sheer thug tactic. Public beatings of known or suspected believers is a frequent occurrence in the streets of Iran.

Amidst all the negative however there has been a triumph for Christians in Iran. A new translation of the bible has been printed in Persian and even though Iran has been deemed one of the world’s hardest countries to be a Christian in, it has been quoted as: “one with excellent evangelists and a record number of baptisms.”

The saying is; “no such thing as bad press.” With the cases of the likes of Pastor Saeed Abedini and so many more, Christianity and its prosecution in Iran has been brought to the worlds table and efforts are being made to support and release those who have been imprisoned. Change can be brought only by those who have the courage to make it happen. Support Saeed Abedini.

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