Radicals in Denmark

Radicals in Denmark


The rise of radicalization and extremism of Islam throughout Europe has created a concern for Muslim men going to Syria. While many of those going to Syria attend in humanitarian aid efforts, some plan to support the jihadist movement of the Islamic State. Due to the impossibility of determining the motives of everyone planning to go to Syria as well as it not currently being illegal to travel, Denmark has implemented a new prevention and rehabilitation of potential Jihadists involved in Syria. The system favours “therapy, guidance and reintegration,” opposed to “confiscating passports sand threatening prison. Efforts hope to guide and reintegrate conflicted youth. The new program takes a step in a different direction of other terrorist security policies that generally prefer punishment and alienation.

The new program sounds great in theory, allowing and arming parents with the right tools to address their sons is an excellent way in possible prevention. Although, issues arise when the radical youth do go to Syria such as: Is not stopping them from going the same as helping them go? Is it the Danish government’s job to influence people’s beliefs? What repercussions are given once a jihadi does return?

I see the problem as originating from the Muslim youth developing radical extremist ideologies in the first place. For one to adopt this mentality there would have to be some strong convincing force that would turn people against everyone around them with a different belief. What is most troublesome is the fact that many of the Goals of the Islamic State conflict directly with fundamental Islamic policies. In fact, it is so twisted that now not only are the infidels the enemy, but other Muslims. Specifically, Shias as well. The excuse for the uncharacteristic killing of Muslims is excused as ‘necessary in purging Islam in order to achieve a true pure caliphate’. Personally, I believe this problem to be not a matter of an individual’s perception of right and wrong, nor an issue of extreme hatred of others, but rather a blinding love for one’s faith creating hatred towards everyone posing a threat.

I assume the Danish Police would treat known jihadi much less forgiving than those just visiting Syria. But does faith even have anything to do with the regulation of citizens leaving for Syria? No. This is a problem of national security. I think that all former Danish leaving to join the Islamic State should have their citizenship revoked all others visiting Syria not involved with jihad should be left alone.

Although, Denmark’s efforts are admirable, their proposed solution does not address the problem at hand. The rise of radicalized Muslims is the problem that must be dealt with. Merely talking to someone with such extreme ideologies does not seem very effective because it is very unlikely their mind will be changed so easily. I am not saying there is a problem with Islam or any religions for that matter. Rather the implications religions pose. Since most religions leave no room for others, this is what leads to the competitive nature of groups fighting to prove their faiths the best. I think faith should be on a personal level as others beliefs should not influence or taint one’s own. Otherwise are they still really your beliefs?

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