Possible Fundamentalist recruitment competition in India

RELS 200

Possible Fundamentalist recruitment competition in India


A review by drew Klippert on the BBC article by Andrew North which was published September 4, 2014. The article concerns Islamic fundamentalist organizations recruitment in the Muslim population of India. The article reports that the Islamic State organization and Al-Qaeda are attempting to recruit within the Muslim population of border areas in the country, which apparently has not been successful previously in the 180 000 Muslim followers. The article points towards the “the marginalized status of Indian Muslims” (Andrew North) in the much larger majority Hindu population. The author reports that the Islamic State is much more fundamentalist in their aims and level of extremism than Al-Qaeda. The Islamic State has a much lower level of connection to scripture and the teachings of the religion and is much more aggressive in their political aims using severe extremism to free areas of foreign influence. Al-Qaeda apparently has a much more scripture related motivation to their actions and uses certain religious idealisms in the justification of their actions.

My reaction to the article is to feel that this increase in the possible fundamentalism in such a large minority population could lead to political unrest and widening of geographical cultural transition zones across large areas of India. There could be increases in violence, or xenophobia leading to violence, as the large areas where the populations are mixed could begin to feel social and political tensions. Religion is a personal and intimate experience for people and can be a huge motivating factor for large populations, especially when fundamentalist based violence begins in any cultural transition zone where people are living in close proximity with other faiths. The huge populations of India are in close urban proximity for most of the inhabitants for the country and such fundamentalist activities could be a catastrophic event for the industrial and economic stability of the country. The huge populations involved could also possibly cause an outpouring of these fundamentalist actions outside the country and lead to international or global events in larger populations throughout the world. These kinds of fundamentalist events have occurred before and caused massive changes in the cultural reputation for the world’s other religions viewing from the outside. It is damaging to the great majority of pacifist and non fundamentalist Muslims throughout the world where they are faced with personal and local discrimination even though they follow a different sect of the overall religion which can be practiced in numerous different ideologies.

This story connects to the course materials in numerous ways with several different ideologies from the same tradition interacting on an international scale with possible dangerous outcomes if the situation becomes serious. The reputations that are accepted by other populations within the world also can be changed and possibly become more radical with huge changes in international law and reactionary changes to immigration and the flow of people throughout the world.

RELS 200


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