Labelling barriers

Labelling barriers
Unfortunately it is human nature to group similar characteristics and appearances together in
order to make sense of the world. The inhumane actions of ISIS have undoubtedly invigorated
anti-Muslim hatred around the world. The Muslim community had to battle accusations,
threats and ridicule ever since the events of 911. Just now when it seems that the Muslim
community is slowly emerging out of that negative image, it is anointed again with the veil of
evil and bloodshed. People around the world are losing trust and being more cautious around
Muslims, this sort of behaviour from the international community will lead to further alienation
of the Muslim people leading them to believe that if they can’t integrate with the rest of the
world, if the world is not ready to accept them as law abiding ordinary citizens, then they will
think that they have no other option than to join extremist groups which are the only people
that would accept them.
When a mosque that had been built in the 1950s in Queensland Mareeba in Australia is
vandalized by the world ‘evil’, how do people expect the Muslim community to react? When
these Muslims are met with ignorance and conflict instead of understanding and cooperation it
is no surprise that the Muslims would try to distance themselves from non-Muslims and feel
more comfortable surrounding themselves with those who are going through the same
experience as them.

I would be willing to bet that this act of graphite on a place of worship was done by a young
man in his mid-twenties or less who thought he was protecting his community by branding the
Muslims as what he thinks is evil. And who can blame him? When all the media talks about is
ISIS and their beheadings and other atrocious acts and subtitles the beheadings as “’Muslim’
extremists” then I see no reason why a kid living in literally the other side of the world wouldn’t
think that the Muslims living next door are the same as the “Muslims” that are on TV. After all
they have the same names, religion, dress and even look the same at times by growing a beard
for men and wearing a hijab for women which both in turn give them a collective identity rather
than an individualistic one. So the only way the kid could ever know that these are different is if they communicate, for that kid to realize the difference between Islam and extremism.
Too much religious pride on the part of the Muslims and too much national pride on the part of
the rest of the people lead to a vacuum and separation of cultures where there should be
communication. If Muslims and non-Muslims talked more, the Muslims would realize that
these people are not that bad they’re only trying to protect themselves and the non-Muslims
would realize that there is nothing to fear and that these Muslims who live among them are
only trying to fit in.

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