Imagine a World that Didn’t Kill in the Name of Religion

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Imagine a World that Didn’t Kill in the Name of Religion

We are currently living in a world where people are killing each other with their excuse being religion. It doesn’t matter that the people being killed have little to do with any religious group. Most of them have been journalists. All of them have families, friends, and loved ones who will never see them again. All because one branch of a largely peaceful religion took an extreme route and decided that anyone who is not of their faith must be killed.

However this is only one branch of a large religion. Most versions of Islam are peaceful, willing to co-exist amongst other religions. This was seen when Pope Francis visited Albania, a mostly Muslim nation. He spoke out against fighting in the name of god, saying that violence against others only perverts the name of God. He further stated that religion should not be used as an excuse to take away human rights, including the right to life.

Considering most religions fight for the right to protect life in most scenarios, it seems pretty backwards to kill in its name. Every book offers stories of peace, which would seem to insinuate that this is one of the goals of human life. To find peace within ourselves, between our friends, and with our neighbors. To kill one another when there are already so many aspects of life working against us seems counter intuitive. And most religious leaders seem to agree. Most religious people seem to agree. Most of us would agree.

Think of a world where we all accepted that differences allow for growth. That having different values isn’t wrong, but just allows for freedom of expression. That no one way of achieving inner peace is wrong, and that different paths may lead there. No one way has to be right, because few things in life are black and white. If people didn’t use religion as an excuse to kill, it could be used as an excuse to learn from each other. It could be a powerful tool to unite people over differences.

Instead we are living in a world where we run in circles trying to prove that there is only one perspective.

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