Hope Keeps us moving

Hope Keeps us moving


The article “it’s hope that keeps us going” written by Ezekiel Isaac Malekar, provides evidence that faith and hope can enrich the lives of poor and rich nations. This article talks about how spirituality plays a major role in this and how different religions believe in faith and hope in different ways. This is true in every religion; Buddhist, Hindu, Judaism, etc, the complexity of faith, hope and the belief in God varies. India in which has a strong sense of religion, yet faces everyday challenges, allows for fear, heartache and problems. Although the sense of having hope in knowing their faith can move them through it, is a strong force in which they believe in. This article in my opinion portrays people who believe that hope can really change their lives, and the lives around them. They believe that people are able to not only embrace there religion but also have the ability too change how they look at incidences that may be difficult or challenging.

From my perspective, the people in nations that are poorer such as parts of India, have a stronger sense of faith, allowing them to see that “Life is full of surprises and life is not always fair”. Yet by having religion in there lives it gives them hope to see that even though they don’t have wealth on earth, there faith, hope and perseverance will pay off in the end. This was also shown in the example given in this article, “Jews survived because they are optimistic. No obstacles were able stop them. No crisis dismayed them. No catastrophe crushed them. They swallowed the bitterness of life and pursued the sweetness there of because hope and faith in the almighty kept them alive”. Malekar gives his thoughts on how the catastrophe that the Jews went through was able to be pushed through due to their religious faith and how their faith in God or Almighty allowed and helped them move forward. Not all people are able to see religion the same way, but faith and hope can keep people moving forward. This includes helping people see hope in their future, no matter what situation they may be involved in. Some people may feel as though this hope may be simply just a myth. Myths are a story which culturally includes formative power that functions the life and thoughts of individuals. These cultures have traditions and stories that were passed down, giving them hope for their own lives. The sense of religion is all around us. A place like India has many values and traditions as well as a strong sense of faith and hope which allows them to create unity and express there religion and values. Furthermore this allows them to move forward even in the worst of times and situations.

I believe that hope varies from religion to religion, although having faith and hope in an sense is an important aspect to move forward.




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