Extremist Group ISIS Does Not Represent the Majority

Religious Studies 200

Extremist Group ISIS Does Not Represent the Majority


In the wake of recent beheadings carried out by the extremist religious group ISIS, Muslims around the world are protesting against the actions by ISIS. Since the group ISIS has gained significant media attention for its actions that garner shock value, racial profiling has become a problem. In other words, there are assumptions made about the majority of Muslims in wake of the actions of the few. Extremist groups such as ISIS are proving to be a problem for younger individuals in certain countries because of the radicalization of violent and extreme ideology they are exposed to. The extremist group ISIS also takes to social media to spread propaganda and seeks to radicalize younger individuals through such mediums.

French Muslims gathered to rally in Paris to condemn the recent beheading of French hostage, Herve Gourdel. A hashtag campaign #notinmyname was started on Twitter by British Muslims to stand up against the extremist violence demonstrated by ISIS. This social media campaign has illustrated how it is unjustified to blame the actions of the few on the majority. Many Muslims have commented on the nature of their religion is to do no harm to others, especially other nations or religions. The actions of ISIS goes against the foundations and values of their religion and represent an extremist group based on extreme ideology and violence. As the proliferation of extremist groups such as ISIS increases, Muslims across the world are being more vocal and taking more action against these groups in order to protect and preserve their religion.

Nadir M’Sallaouti, a 27 year old Parisian states “”We all gathered today … to tell people, you want to convert, that’s very good, but do it for your faith, because you want to convert and because you appreciate this religion. Don’t do it to go fight, to go kill people because it is not what Islam says”. This statement by M’sallaouti represents the feelings that many Muslims hold about the violence carried out by extremist groups and how it is not representative of their religion and their foundational beliefs.   Muqtedar Khan, a political science professor at the University of Delaware comments that younger people in certain countries are going to be much more susceptible to extremist notions because of the feelings of suspicion and hostility they are constantly burdened with. Khan explains these notions of suspicion and hostility can create disillusioned views among younger individuals.

I believe this news article is in important in illustrating how important it is for Muslims to stand strong together against the violence that extremist groups like ISIS seek to promote. There are some individuals that have assumptions about the majority of Muslims based on the actions of ISIS. This is very problematic because it disregards the religious foundations of the majority of Muslims. I also believe social media campaigns such as #notinmyname are incredibly significant in raising awareness for important social issues in our world today. Especially because technology is so prominent in our day and age.

-A.Y #200


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