Evangelical Christian’s in Favour of Same-Sex Marriage

Evangelical Christian’s in Favour of Same-Sex Marriage


The majority of Evangelical Christian’s do not agree with same-sex marriage, however there are more people being open to the idea. This is made evident on September 9, 2014 when a new group called Evangelical’s for Marriage Equality emerged in The United States of America. They believe that because America is spiritually diverse, one religious worldview should not have the power to decide whether or not two individuals can be civilly married. Older generations of evangelicals tend to be conservative with their beliefs on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (commonly expressed as LGBTQ) rights specifically with marriage equality, however, Brandan Roberson spokesman for the Evangelicals for Marriage Equality said in the article, “We just want evangelicals to see that it is possible to hold a plethora of beliefs about sexuality and marriage while affirming the rights of LGBTQ men and women to be civilly married under the law.” Laws continuously change and same-sex marriage will most likely become legal in more states as time goes by and this group is crucial for the inevitable change. Although many reject the group’s message, they continue to let people know through advertisements and gatherings that it is ok to accept marriage equality and keep core values of one’s faith. This paradigm shift of values causes conflict within the Evangelical community but they are trying to be as peaceful and respectful as possible, not wanting to humiliate others because of different beliefs.

Different religious perspectives has always been a reason for conflict long before the LGBTQ equality movement. What I find unique about Evangelical’s for Marriage Equality is that they don’t shame others for their differences but rather are respectful of those in their religion and those who are not. They widen the door for people to be more open minded to new ideas by educating those who may not know better. As society changes, religion should acknowledge the growth to stay relevant to present day issues.

What I believe to be the main issue the article talks about is coexisting with people with different worldviews than ourselves. Looking through the comment section, it’s clear that many people still debate and try to make other people believe exactly what they believe in. However that didn’t work in the past, nor will it work in the present or future. With new technology and the internet, it’s easy to come across different perspectives and beliefs and be offended but as time moves forward we must move forward with time.

Although the majority of Evangelical’s probably won’t move positions in regards to same-sex marriage any time soon, the old age argument for equality and coexistence remains.




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