Christian Persecution in Middle East & Africa

Christian Persecution in Middle East & Africa

Ronald S Lauder son of cosmetic big name Estille Lauder and President of Jewish World Congress had an article published in the New York Times opinion pages on August 19, 2014. He makes a plea for the world to end the silence and speak out against the horrible persecutions of Christians currently happening in many areas of the Middle East and Africa. Entire Christian communities are being wiped out that have not been affected by violence in many centuries. In Lauder’s opinion the UN as well as many World Leaders have been “consumed with other matters”. However the one leader who is speaking out is Pope Francis comparing the attacks on Christians to the historical attacks on the Jewish people. Lauder brings to light many attacks that I, as well as many people in the world have never heard about I’m sure such as the terrorist group Boko Haram who kidnapped and killed hundreds of Christians this year alone; as well as the be-heading of Christian children in Mosul Park by the ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria). He explains that the ISIS is not a simple organization, Lauder believes that the Jihadist military force that is taking over most of Iraq is using money from banks, gold shops, stolen goods, oil resources and extortion in order to finance these attacks. The Jewish community is reaching out to try and give as much support to the Christians as possible and this connection really makes sense; the Jewish people have been persecuted mercilessly time and time again. Lauder makes a point to let the world know that no matter what the Jewish community will not be silent and will continue to push for world involvement in this issue. The Jewish community has already stepped in to aid the Christians in South Sudan, in addition Christians are able to practice their religion openly in Israel, there is an acceptance of each other most likely from a shared bible and general moral codes as well as having sharing the same kind of suffering and persecution world wide for their beliefs present and past. Something must be done to bring global attention to this issue before it is too late, Lauder does not understand how this has not already sparked social media interest and who can blame him? How is it possible in this age of technology and global news that we have not heard that Christians are being be-headed in the streets, hung, beaten, stoned and even crucified right now? It seems to be completely unacceptable that the world is silent about this issue, silence is truly peril to a situation so dire as this one and as a whole the world must bring attention to these crimes.

-M #uwreligion


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