Bias Against the Oppression of Christianity in Western Media

Bias Against the Oppression of Christianity in Western Media

The article “Silence Editorial: Silence reigns, Persecution of Christians leaves world indifferent” published by The Calgary Herald, speaks of the silence in Western media with regard to the oppression and suffering of Christians globally. There seems to be an inherent bias in Western society, that Christians are safe and unoppressed. This bias carries over to Western media which seems to focus on stirring the pot in other worldly religious conflicts involving religions such as Islam and Judaism.

Christianity is the world’s largest religion. In 2010 it was estimated that globally there were 2.18 million Christians. With respect to Western Society, Christianity is the most predominant religion in the Western world. The Herald stated some facts with regard to Christian oppression. In 2012, it was estimated that Christians had been oppressed in over 139 countries and that every year around 100,000 Christians die because of their faith. In more specific events; 3,000 Christians were driven out of the city of Mosul by Islamic Extremists threating pain and death for failure to convert to Islam. As well, Christians residing in Nigeria are being massacred by the Islamist group Boko Haram.

Despite these facts and recent events, the Western media seems to be oblivious to the oppression of Christianity. What makes this bias so peculiar, is that the majority of media and activists in the West are predominately Christian themselves. Why are Christians turning a blind eye to the suffering of their own people? It’s because of the bias in Western society that Christians believe their own religion is unoppressed and that their people are safe.

Being a Christian myself, I am a victim of this bias. Despite keeping up with current events, Calgary’s daily news journals, and events involving other world religions. I seemed to have over looked this article in The Calgary Herald over a month ago. Upon reading through it now, it was an immense surprise for to learn that Christians are being oppressed across the World and in the numbers that they are. I was naively of the belief that we Christians were predominately located in the West and that we were generally safe and free of oppression. If I hadn’t have stumbled upon this particular article, I would still be entrapped by this bias.

I sense there is a deeper issue with this bias; who is to blame for its continuation? Is the Western media to blame for not providing the insight for Christians regarding their oppression globally? Or is it the fault of the Christian peoples for not speaking out against their oppression? I fear this bias won’t subside anytime soon, primarily because Christians and the Western media are non-mutually exclusive. It seems the bias exists in a never ending loop, Christians aren’t provided the insight by the media, while the media is composed of Christians who are inherently biased themselves.

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