Americans Leaning Towards More Religion in their Politics

Americans Leaning Towards More Religion in their Politics

The news story that I have chosen to talk about for this first blog was posted on September 22, 2014 by CBC News. It discusses the shift that has occurred in the correlation between politics and religion. More people in The United States now want the two spheres to coincide more than before. Even though many think religion is losing its influence in everyday life (72%) there has been an increase in the percentage wanting it to still exist in their politics. The percentage is now 49% whereas before the percentage was 43%. There has also been an increase in people who believe that there is too little expression of religious faith from politicians (has gone from 37% to 41%) and an increase in the amount of people who think religion’s role in society is positive (has gone from 29% to 58%).

The last statistic that they talked about in the article was the decline in recent years of support for gay marriage. 41% oppose it currently which is a rise of 5 percentage points since a toll taken in February of this year. This change means that public opinion is going the opposite way of the courts. These statistics are interesting to me because it represents two conflicting points of view. Society doesn’t think that religion is important in everyday life anymore but yet almost half still want to see it in there politics. Why would citizens want religion in their politics but not want it to influence everyday life? Is this view really about the principle of religion at all then, or is it just about the style of leading that it produces for politicians?

I also find it interesting that public support for gay marriage has gone down since February. It states in the article that it is unclear if this view is a trend or just a temporary dip but either way the statistics have definitely gone down. I hope that this trend does not continue for not only the hope of having equality but for the peace of the courts vs. the people. If society keeps on this trend the unrest of the people would be huge. The courts are going the way of passing gay marriage everywhere so if the majority of society starts to oppose, it could lead to a problem in the future.

I do believe that public support for religion in politics is a good thing though. I always found that the decreasing want and/or need for religion in society to be very sad, considering how big of a role it has played in the past. I like the amount of religion that President Obama has incorporated into his speeches and leading style so more public support for that can only lead to a more unified and coherent America.

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