Pope Francis fights for justice

Pope Francis fights for justice


Rels. 200

Pope fights for justice

After years of controversy over the rumors and allegations against the Catholic Church and its association with the sexual abuse of young boys is finally being addressed by Pope Francis. The now former papal nuncio, Josef Wesolowski, has been arrested under the charge of sexual abuse. Previously when these charges have been made against other members of the Church, they have been covered up and have been dealt with a lack of seriousness on the behalf of the Pope. This way of dealing with this crime has been a disgrace towards the Catholic Church and has drawn many followers and potential followers away from its flock. And so Pope Francis’ approach to handling this problem is a breath of fresh air. Ever since Pope Francis got his position, his humble and down-to-earth ways and views about the world has done wonders for Catholicism and has earned many critics respect and admiration. It would be hard to imagine that the Pope does not understand how devastating this sort of press can be to his faith which is most likely why Pope Francis truly finds this matter to be of the utmost seriousness and importance. But this does not mean he has no sense of compassion for his fallen colleague. Since Wesolowski is quite old and not of the best health, he has in fact been allowed to be under house arrest instead of in jail. Many people, such as parents, could be outraged at this but I think it shows a true sense of being a ‘good’ Catholic. If I was him, trying to reclaim the honor and respect that Catholicism once had is a major goal, and it really does seem that that is what he is trying to do here. Now, I don’t know about you, but Pope Francis has definitely earned my respect. If only I was Catholic. SD #200


2 thoughts on “Pope Francis fights for justice

  1. I agree with your statement that Christian church should modernize it’s practices to suit today’s society with regard to homosexuality, abortion, cohabitation etc. In my opinion the Pope Francis’s officiating of 20 controversial marriages is a small but firm step in the right direction. I believe that more of these small steps must be made to gradually change the status quo within the church. It is unrealistic to expect the Christian church to change it’s views overnight when it’s current traditions and ideals are rooted in over two thousand years of history. The acceptance of some of these controversial lifestyles and practices in today’s society have only came to prominence in the last century. Which compared to the Christian church’s existence is a very short time span. As I stated previously, I believe that modernizing the Christian church is a good thing, but it will take time and many small initiatives to gradually change the status quo to accept controversial practices such as abortion, cohabitation, and homosexuality.

  2. I believe Pope Francis represents a beacon of hope for those who want Christianity and specifically Catholicism to take a turn from it’s traditional beginnings. Although he, in due time, will have his short-comings, it’s nice to see someone who’s values are more applicable in the modern day and is generally more accepting. I had a question, purely out of curiousity: how HAS the new pope dealt with this past allegations of misconduct within the Catholic church? I’d be interested in knowing and it would definitely strengthen your argument, which I completely agree with.

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