Islam Is a Religion of Peace and a Religion of Decapitations

Islam Is a Religion of Peace and a Religion of Decapitations


Hawkins’ article at best is a condemnation of Islam. He begins his piece by taking the religion apart with his own twisted views on Islam and then makes a hasty ending of his commentary by throwing Muslims in the Western world a dog bone by sheepishly stating that there are a few good apples in the bunch. The article reports on the horrific decapitation and stabbing of two Vaughan Foods employees. Hawkins points out that the FBI’s investigation is taking into consideration the fact that the killer is a recent convert to Islam. Hawkins makes it clear that any intelligent person would come to the conclusion that Islam and violence go hand-in-hand.

This form of yellow journalism is quite common with the emergence of political unrest in the Middle East. It seems as though that with the Western World’s eye on Middle Eastern oil that the Americans are doing everything they can to justify their political undertakings in this region. Making Muslims out to be a bunch of rapists, murders, and terrorists just seems like the best bet in appeasing the public’s unrest when it comes to attempting to control the Middle East’s natural resources. This comment is in no way connected to the conspiracies around the atrocities committed on 9/11, but a general view on American activities in the Middle East.

How quickly society forgets the 250 year long genocide and bondage of black Americans which included much of the same atrocities that we see present in the Middle East today, or the horrors that our Aboriginal communities around the world of been subjected to and are still suffering the effects of. Moreover, the annihilation and almost complete extinction of Jews by Nazis Germany is completely overlooked by Hawkins. Every race and religion on the planet has been involved in violence in the supposed name of God. Hawkins writes, with nonexistent support, that Islam does this on a scale much larger than any other religion or peoples have done in the past.

Hawkins even goes as far as saying that Muslims themselves will attest to begin brutes in the name of God, all you need is ask them. What people in their right minds would claim to be lower than animals, or even attest to such ignorance as he has stated throughout his article. Hawkins’ commentary repeatedly patronizes Americans Muslims by stating that if they only understood their religion, they would want to murder us. Further, he goes on to state that Muslims need to be encouraged by racist bigots, like himself and his kind, to stand up to the difficulties that they face brought on by extremists. He ends his condescending article by claiming to support Muslims in their attempt to fight the intentions and actions of radical extremists.


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