What is the Matter of Christianity vs. the Contemporary Society

As the CBC Radio reported that more than ten states of the U.S. are considering to introduce bills that allowing business to reject customers for religious reasons, arguments rise up against the Christian community. Opponents of the bills interestingly name then the “Turn the Gays Away” bills.

Although I have not read the bills, I don’t think they are really aimed at the LGBT community. Nor are they part of a anti-LGBT agenda. The opposition to them seems more like a systematic effort to remove Christians to influence U.S. public policy?

Is there anything wrong that Christians express their concerns about public life and take measurements to keep their faith? I’m intrigued why the LGBT community is so furious about such bills and jumps out to protest by labeling them anti-LGBT when they seem to deal with other issues.

Last summer, I heard a story that happened near me. A pastor got expelled by the staff when he was handing out flyers at the entrance of the Burnaby Public Library. Yet I’ve seen the missionaries of Mormon church disturb people within the reading rooms.

If someone saying that there’s Christian influence behind the above-mentioned bills, then I would like to question what is behind such sentiments. Why is there such a strong negative sentiment toward Christianity in our society as I have experienced.

If it had happened in a communism or Muslim country, it could be easier to explain. But things becomes inscrutable when one takes the Christian (Puritan, Protestant or Catholic) origin and heritage of the two major countries of North America into consideration. And the freedom people enjoy is a result of religious freedom advocated by Christians themselves in the past several centuries?

It is very easy to label all the anti-Christian movements “the work of Satan”, but what kind of gaps could have been left open for Satan to utilize by Christians? There must be some internal problems which I am not able to perceive as an outsider – I am Chinese and grew up in oriental cultural context.

 When I look into the history of Christianity, the bad situation could become an positive incentive factor to the development of it, because almost all the great progresses of Christianity are accompanied by persecution and suppression. God may has always used negative powers to prompt Hs people to keep faith with Him and rely on Him. Keep praying and hope He will bring great revival back to us again soon.


One thought on “What is the Matter of Christianity vs. the Contemporary Society

  1. This is an interesting post. As someone currently living in the USA, it has been fascinating to see how religion and politics mix. The bills of which you speak of are indeed thinly veiled anti-gay bills using faith as a weapon to discriminate. The danger, of course, is that we do not want to see bills that infringe on human rights. It is a short step backward to limiting service to other ethnic or religious groups.
    Of course the unfortunate thing of these bills is that they are being posited by Christian groups, which makes them targets. I wish Christians were lauded for their good works rather than these isolated events, but that doesn’t make a good story.
    For me, the real question is why the resistance against Christians? Perhaps it is because we have not presented a good face of the gospel? Is it more insidious than that?

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