It is no secret that most major religions have their roots set deep in the past, and at the foundation of all religions are doctrines and creeds, these steadfast beliefs required by religions are becoming increasingly challenged in the modern world.  I chose this article because it is a perfect depiction of how religion is being pressured to change ancient doctrines in order to fit into a world of equal human rights, whether that is with regards to gay marriage, or women being ordained into priesthood. In this article Kate Kelly, a human-rights attorney in Washington D.C. is fighting for the right for women to be ordained into priesthood, something that is not typical or traditional in Mormonism, and is being met with great revolt in the Mormon community by both men and women. This illustrates the importance of religious studies as I believe that in the future, human rights will continue to clash with doctrinal beliefs of many religions.


                  The reality of the world is that it is ever changing; belief systems that show refusal to change with society will surely remain under fire, and face increasing societal pressure. Kate Kelly is a person on the frontier of this fight,  many religions maintain their androcentric  hierarchies,  and as time goes on these systems are continually being shown to be out dated. It is my own personal opinion that it will only be a matter of time until all churches face the decision to revise doctrines to catch up to the societal progress that is being made within the states in which the reside. Due to the current disparity between human rights movements and religious androcentric doctrines, I believe that the study of religion will flourish, and become increasingly important and dynamic in the future to help understand how belief systems that are by nature unchanging will fit into a world that is constantly changing and advancing. 


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